Wood Pallet

Wood Pallet is a widely used packing solution for cargo transportation due to its convenience and easiness of handling. Wood pallets are pallets made from natural wood.

Wood pallet shredder in scrap wood pallet recycling

Along with the wide use of wood pallet, everyday it generates a large volume of waste/broken wood pallets that needs to be disposed or recycled. Shredder is very necessary and important equipment in the recycling process of wood pallet. Wood pallet after shredding, grinding and drying process can be made into wood powder. No matter in our houses and offices, there are a lot of furniture, windows, and doors are made from wood powder. In some power station, wood powder is used as a green fuel to generate electricity. Waste wood pallets after shredding, drying and carbonizing process can also be made into smokeless charcoal. In paper-making industry, wood pallets after shredding and chipping process are made into wood pulp, and then made into new paper.