What to do with old bullet proof vests



Bulletproof undershirts, as a kind of important personal protective equipment, have a wide range of applications in fields such as military, police and special industries. However, a large number of used bulletproof undershirts are eliminated every year due to their service life, damage or technological progress. The traditional way of disposal is often incineration or landfill, which not only causes a waste of resources, but also may cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, the recycling of bulletproof undershirts has become particularly important.

Recycling Value
Bulletproof undershirts are mainly made of high-performance fiber materials, such as Kevlar. These materials have good physical properties, and after recycling, they can be reused in the manufacture of new bulletproof undershirts or other products, realizing the recycling of resources.
By recycling used bulletproof undershirts, the exploitation of natural resources can be reduced, and energy consumption and waste emissions in the production process can be reduced, which helps to protect the environment.

Shredding and Recycling Process

The process of using a shredder to recycle bulletproof vests involves preparation, feeding operation, shredding process, discharge process and subsequent utilization. First, clean the attachments on the bulletproof vests and check the status of the shredder, adjust the blade position to optimize the shredding effect. Then, gradually put the bulletproof vests into the shredder for crushing to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. The shredded fragments of the body armor will be collected and can be reused according to their material and characteristics, e.g. as recycled material or further processed. The entire process is subject to environmental regulations to maximize the use of resources and reduce environmental impact.

Recycling Advantages

Resource saving: Through mechanical recycling technology, the materials in the end-of-life bulletproof vests can be reused, effectively saving raw material resources.
Environmental protection: air pollution caused by incineration treatment is avoided, environmental damage is reduced and green recycling is realized.
Economic benefits: Recycled materials can be used to manufacture new body armor or other products, reducing production costs and avoiding additional costs for disposal of end-of-life body armor.

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What to do with old bullet proof vests

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