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Single Shaft Water Cooling TPU Rubber Shredder Machine

European type water cooling single shaft shredder can shred rubber, TPU and other materials with relatively low melting points, water cooling single shaft shredders can avoid melting of materials.

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Single Shaft Water Cooling TPU Rubber Shredder Machine Applications:
The single axis water-cooled TPU rubber shredder is mainly used to shred TPU rubber waste into small pieces for easy recycling and reuse. Its water-cooling technology helps to reduce the temperature during the shredding process, maintain stable equipment operation, and extend its service life. This device is not only suitable for TPU rubber, but also for processing other rubber waste, achieving effective resource recycling and reducing environmental pollution.

Single Shaft Water Cooling TPU Rubber Shredder Machine Description:
European type single shaft shredders are designed for a wide array of applications and industries. Like indoors and general recycling, electronic waste, wood, organic waste, etc. Input material can be all kinds of plastic like lumps, pipes, films, woven bags. The size of the output material can be controlled by the screen size. Meantime, the shredded material can be better used or go into granulator machine.

Single Shaft Water Cooling TPU Rubber Shredder Machine Components:

single shaft shredder pusher system Heat treated rotor knives
Pusher System
Reinforced baseplate can reduce the impact caused by material entering the cutting chamber. A dust collection device is equipped at the bottom of the pusher system to guarantee the long-term stable performance of internal components.
Heat treated rotor knives
Special DC53 steel (hardened) four edges use before the replacement
V-cutting rotor design Wear Resistant Tungsten surface coating
V-cutting rotor design
with staggered cutter positioning
Wear Resistant
Tungsten surface coating for abrasive applications
single shaft shredder Cooling systems Classifier Screen
Cooling systems
water-cooled and air-cooled systems. In the Middle East and North Africa, where the temperature is particularly high, water cooling is required; in other less hot countries, such as Chile and Northern Europe, air cooling is sufficient
Screen Unit
Wide range of screens with a variety of configurations and mesh sizes are replaceable based on customers’ production requirements. The paper shredder will automatically stop while opening the screen unit to ensure operator safety. The screen is produced and mounted in sections, allow for easy maintenance.
PLC control Hydraulic Station
PLC control
Making it easier for fault diagnosis and maintenance
Hydraulic Station
The pressure and rate of flow can be adjusted according to different materials.

Single Shaft Water Cooling TPU Rubber Shredder Machine Features:
1) Precisely processed combined frame made of extra-thick plates; Lange-angle, hexagon prism of power slewing axis; Big hopper with big caliber for feeding big material;
2) PLC control system with automatic overload protection and auto-reverse switch;
3) Unique hydraulic pushing system accelerates the shredding speed, for light material particularly;
4) Each dynamic blades has four cutting edges which enable reutilization after being abraded, by rotating 90 degrees;
5) Each fixed blade has two cutting edges which enable reutilization after being abraded, by rotating 180 degrees;
6) Quiet operation at low speed;
7) Screen perforation is adjustable according to customers’ requirements;
8) Sponge Shredders can be adjusted according to customer-specific requirements for throughput volume, material to be processed, etc.

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Model PNDS-600A PNDS-800A PNDS-1000A PNDS-1200A PNDS-1500A
Dimension L*W*H(mm) 2455×1478×1700 2825×1747×1875 2825×2004×1875 2825×2564×1875 2825×2964×1935
Cutting Chamber C/D(mm) 1200×600 1410×800 1410×1000 1410×1200 1410×1500
Main Powerkw) 15-22 30-45 37-55 55-90 75-132
Hydraulic Power(kw) 2,2 3 4 5.5 5.5
Shredding Diameter(mm) 320 400 400 400 480
Shredding Rotor Length(mm) 600 800 1000 1200 1500
Rotating&Fixing Blades QTY(psc) 32+2×2 38+2×2 58+2×2 95+2×3 110+2×3
End Plastic Scraps Size(mm) 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50