• Waste Truck And Car Tire Crocodile Shears
  • Waste Truck And Car Tire Crocodile Shears
  • Waste Truck And Car Tire Crocodile Shears

Waste Truck And Car Tire Crocodile Shears

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WANROOETECH Truck And Car Rubber Grinding Machine Biref Instruction:

Our factory is a high tech enterprise which specializer in the research, development production and making of environmental mechanical equipments. After many years developing, we are becoming a leading manufacturer in China in producessing plastic waste and scraps tire. And the tire recycling plant can be up to the capacity from 1000Tons to 6000Tons per year. Unitl now, we have opened many markets, such as, Mexico, Russia, Poland, India etc. We hope we can achieve much more success in the near future.

Truck And Car Rubber Grinding Machine Features:

1.Shred and pulverize the waste tire into the rubber power of 40-120mesh, and automatically separate the steel wire, fiber, Nylon completelythrough magnet separator and vibrating screen at normal temperature.

2.Compact structure, small space and easy maintenance.

3.Lower energy consumption and good cost performance of investment.

4.High-automatic and programmed control, higher cooperation stability and more efficient running.

5.No polluted water, no waste gas and no waste residuce during production process.

Waste Truck And Car Tire Crocodile Shears

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