Waste Plastic Granulator VS Plastic Extruder


The difference between waste plastic granulators and plastic extruders, many friends who just contact plastic granulators are more confused about what is the difference between waste plastic granulators and plastic extruders? We all know that there are many kinds of plastic granulator, waste greenhouse film bag plastic granulator, plastic granulator, PP/PE plastic granulator, foam pelleting machine, etc., and we say usually plastic granulator is also this kind of plastic granulator collectively, this should everyone already knows, and plastic extruder rare not too clear, Today we will discuss the difference between waste plastic granulator and extruder.

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First, the difference between waste plastic granulator and extruder is different in structure
Waste plastic granulator and the main purpose is the difference between different extruder, waste plastic granulator is mainly used in the waste plastics by the electromagnetic heating process, made from plastic particles, and extrusion machine is used for the cost of plastic products, on the principle of work, they are the same, all is through the high-temperature material melting, extrusion, but the corresponding equipment has an obvious gap, Extruder equipment both operation and configuration, are much more complex, special production extrusion process for the height of temperature control is incomparable to the plastic granulator. This is the main difference between waste plastic granulators and plastic extruders.

Waste plastic granulator video:

Two, the difference between waste plastic granulator and plastic extruder lines in the different table
Waste plastic granulator workbench is usually charge temperature box, and the polymer itself has almost no set table, just normal feeding, feeding machine screw under the drive of reducer, rotating at a constant speed, the material is normal extrusion, and extrusion machine configuration with complex control workbench, belong to half numerical control equipment, from the operating interface and temperature control, as far as possible, and all kinds of parameter setting, It’s much more complicated. After the plastic granulator extrudes the material, only water cooling, cutting can complete the whole operation process, and after the extruder extrudes the material, it also needs injection molding machine, setting machine and other processes, and processing into plastic products, there is a big gap from the technological process.

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