Waste Clothes

waste cloth shredder perfectly shreds the cloth or fabric waste in the tiny size pieces. Our shredder excellently shreds the waste Cloths including head cloth, cotton yarn, waste clothes, Oil rags, cotton cloth, chemical fiber, leather, linen, plastic layer, paper, woven or non woven and so many other waste fabric materials. Twin shafts slow moving Fabric Shredder having latest techniques to shred easily various varieties of fibers.
The first recyling way is to remove the zippers and buttons on the clothes, and then pulverize these cotton, wool, polyester, nylon and other fabrics with a shredder or shredder to form a pile of fibers, and then add chemicals Make different fibers stick together. Finally, the fibers are compressed at high temperature to form a solid panel.
The second recyling way is to shred the blended waste textiles, produce the flame retardant after crushing, enter the mold and press it into automobile plates, air conditioning sound insulation materials; or shred and functionalize it into wall insulation materials.
The third recyling way is to reduce the waste polyester clothing into monomers and reprocess to produce polyester fibers; or alcoholysis and regeneration of functional fibers to make high thermal insulation and memory filling materials for the home industry.