Waste Air Conditioner Shredder Recycling Machine


People may not realize that older air conditioners consume much more electricity (2 to 4 times) than today’s newer, higher efficient models. Replacing an old air conditioner can help you save much on electricity bills. The thrown-away air conditioners not only take up large space in landfills, but also the refrigerant in older air conditioners is one of the major things destroying the ozone layer. It is very important to recycle air conditioners. Air conditioner shredder and granulator play important size reduction role in whole air conditioner recycling.

Air Conditioner Shredder

How to recycle the air conditioner?

Waste air conditioners, whether it is a small window unit or a larger HVAC unit, are mainly composed of plastic and metal. In specialized appliance recycling facility, the collected waste air conditioners will be firstly disassembled, and then the hazardous refrigerant is removed and properly recycled or disposed. The rest components including metal and plastic are recovered by shredding, separation and sorting. A typical air conditioners recycling line include following equipment:

Conveyor: for feeding air conditioners into shredder

Double Shaft Shredder: for primary size reduction

Conveyor: for transporting shredded pieces to next equipment

Vertical Granulator: for further size reduction of various fractions

Conveyor: for conveying granulated pieces to the next equipment

Magnetic Separator: for separating ferrous metal

Eddy-Current Separator: for separating non-ferrous metal

Dust Removal: for removing and collecting dust during size reduction processes

The reclaimed ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal and plastic are then further delivered to specialized metal and plastic recycling centers respectively for further reusing treatment.

WANROOETECH air conditioner shredders and granulators
As you can see that size reduction plays an important role in air conditioners’ recycling. WANROOETECH is a professional size reduction machinery manufacturer. Our shredding and/or granulating machines can be configured into air conditioners recycling lines. Contact our WANROOETECH team today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you your recycling project in detail and recommend you the most suitable air conditioner shredder which best fits your needs.