WANROOETECH wish you a Merry Christmas


Christmas is approaching, but many countries have a hard time choosing between relaxing epidemic prevention measures to allow people to spend the holidays, and further tightening measures to cope with the surge in cases.

Britain has recently implemented the strictest lockdown measures in most parts of England, Germany has blocked the whole country, and South Korea is also facing the worst epidemic since the pandemic began.

Germany will slightly relax restrictions so that people can get together with their families. The United Kingdom originally had this plan, but the Secretary of Health of the United Kingdom said on Sunday that stricter restrictions in London and southwest England may continue to be implemented for a period of time to prevent the rapid spread of new variant strains of the new coronavirus. British Prime Minister Johnson canceled plans on Saturday to allow three families to hold five-day indoor gatherings during the festival and imposed new fourth-level restrictions on London and southwest England.

Although the epidemic is still serious, it cannot hinder the pace of our reunion and joy. As the year 2020 draws to a close, we hope to work together to say “NO” to the Covid-19 in the New Year!
WANROOETECH Company wishes people all over the world a merry Christmas and a family reunion. 2021, let’s go!