Wanrooetech Birthday Care


In order to strengthen the cohesion of the company, strengthen the sense of belonging of the employees, embody the humanistic concern, further promote the construction of the company’s corporate culture, form a good centripetal force and cohesion of the company, and let each employee really feel the warmth of the family of the company, The head office human resources department further enriched the employee birthday care content.

May, such as wanrooetech staff birthday party is particularly warm. On Monday, the Human Resources Department sent flowers, cards and gift coupons to this week’s birthday workers, representing the company’s sincere greetings and warm wishes to every employee. An old employee who has been in the company for a long time said excitedly: “I have attended a lot of birthday parties and I have held a birthday party myself, but the company’s concern is really surprised and still very moved. Thanks to the company’s careful preparation, I am grateful for joining the wanrootech .”

“People-oriented” is the core competitiveness of modern enterprise culture. Excellent corporate culture should have rich connotation and profound characteristics. Combining scientific management with humanization is an important part of enterprise culture. Activities, can let every one like the wanrooetech people feel the company’s deep affection, feel the warmth and happiness of the collective, more confident with the company hand in hand, common development!