Wanroe Machinery Donates Rs. 10,900 to Pakistan Floods


Since mid-June, Pakistan has been hit by almost constant monsoon rains, flash floods and landslides triggered by the rains. These disasters have now killed more than 1,300 people, affected 33 million people and affected three-quarters of the country.


The floods have also damaged or destroyed more than 1.1 million homes and left more than 470,000 people living in makeshift camps. In addition, education and learning for an estimated 3.5 million children was disrupted, including damage to at least 61 refugee schools.


Flights carrying international relief supplies have been arriving in Pakistan, including the first aid from China, including 25,000 tents and other urgently needed supplies. But the U.N. says the aid Pakistan is receiving is far from adequate, and the world has an obligation to reach out to Pakistan.


It’s not about solidarity, it’s about justice,” said UN Secretary-General Guterres. (Pakistan) is at the forefront of the climate crisis and it is absolutely essential that the international community recognizes this, especially those countries that have more impact on the global climate.”


Guterres said Pakistan, which emits less than 1 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, is one of the hardest hit countries, with hundreds of thousands of people displaced. Pakistan is expected to need at least $30 billion to rebuild after the disaster.


Wanroe Machinery Donates Rs. 10,900 to Pakistan Floods

Pakistan and China have a “hard-core” friendship. Wanrooe machinery is a Chinese company providing $500(Rs. 10,900 Crores) relief aid to the victims of the floods in Pakistan, hoping that the people of Pakistan will soon overcome the floods.

Wanroe Machinery Donates Rs. 10,900 to Pakistan Floods


Hundreds of representatives of the affected people attended the ceremony. The donated supplies are food, which can meet the emergency food needs of at least 1,000 affected families in the area.


Natural disasters are frightening. It is only in the face of force majeure that we realize our own insignificance. In the face of danger, human solidarity can also bring fortitude, although this strength of nature, but at least can bring people will indomitable.


We call on more people to lend a hand to help the affected people.

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