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Veneer Peeling Machine Blades Knife Sharpening Machine

Blade Grinding Machine/Knife Sharpening Machine Is One Necessary Assistant Machine During The Production. Blade Grinding Machine Is Widely Used In The Woodworking Industry, Veneer Peeling Machine, Veneer Rotary Cutting Machine And Painting Industry. And Must Machine In Paper Production & Printing Industry. Also, It Is Must For Blade Manufacturers.
Our Blade Grinding Machine/ Knife Sharpening Machine Now Are Widely Used In Wood Working And Paper Printing Industry For Its  High Precision And Longer Work Life Knife Making Grinder For Plywood Veneer Peeling Machine.

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Blade grinding machine/knife sharpening machine is one necessary assistant machine during the production. blade grinding machine is widely used in the woodworking industry, veneer peeling machine, veneer rotary cutting machine and painting industry. and must machine in paper production & printing industry. also, it is a must for blade manufacturers.
Our blade grinding machine/ knife sharpening machine now is widely used in wood working and paper printing industry for its high precision and longer work life knife making grinder for plywood veneer peeling machine.

Product Application:
This knife grinder machine is mainly used in straight blade cutting tools in different angles, suitable for all kinds of cutter tools of plywood, furniture, printing, textile industry, etc. It is also used for the oblique opening of high speed tool steel. The machine tools consist of five parts,incl the machine body, sliding plate, motor, grinding head, electrical parts. Each component has compact structure, rational and beautiful layout, it can make sure the same height and weight and express its unique advantages, so it is ideal for plywood factory and straight blade knife manufacturers.

Main Features:
1. Blade grinding machine mainly grind all types of long knives, like peeling machine knife, granulator knife, cutting paper-knife, shearing blades, slicing knives, etc.
2. Blade grinding machine can work long surface knife. max. working length is 1500mm.
3. Blade grinding machine’s body is a design of gantry body, with the high-quality steel weld, the body has high strength and good rigidity.
4. The worktable uses the electro magnetic chuck. and very convenient to clamp knife. the worktable is easy to adjust the angle by
worm gear.
5. Blade grinding machine uses an inverter. it can be easy to adjust the horizontal and vertical speed of the grinding head.
6. Job accuracy of machine is 0.01mm.

Product details
The operation panel is simple and clear, the automatic falling knife can adjust the insert frequency and automatically manually operate free to switch.
02. Table Angle Adjustment
Any angle within 0-90 * of the turbine and worm adjustment workbench.
Strong copper coil electromagnetic suction cup dedicated to knife device
A special grinding head motor, high precision, good stability, and carrier wheel device, convenient loading and unloading.

blade sharpening equipment, knife sharpener machine, blade sharpener machine, straight knife sharpener machine

Model PNMD PRO-1600C
Grinding length 1600mm
Electromagnetic chuck specifications 180* 1600mm
Grinding head rotation speed 1400/min
Grinding head motor power 4kw
Walking speed 0-20m/min (frequency control)
Grinding wheel size Φ200*110*Φ100
Dimensions 3000* 1100*1300mm
Grinding blade angle About 45°
Total machine power 6.6kw
Automatic feed amount of grinding head 0.01-0.03mm
Machine weight 2250kg


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