Used Aluminum Plastic Packaging Recycling Process


Aluminum-plastic packaging recycling and aluminum-plastic composite materials benefit
since the 1990s, more and more multilayer materials composites are made of aluminum and PVC/PE polymers, which are particularly used in the construction and packaging industries, at the same time causing lots of scrap aluminum plastic laminated composite materials exists in landfills.

However, as technology improves, aluminum plastic recycling machines proved that there has an environmentally friendly manner to efficiently recycle this waste aluminum from a multitude of composite materials.

Dry Mechanical Aluminium Plastic Packaging Recycling Processes:
In aluminum plastic recycling processes, no water, no chemical which avoids thermal admission and the use of chemical additives. Crushing, grinding and separation of individual components is a dry mechanical process thanks to their physical properties. Depending on the fully enclosed work environment and pulse dust device, the whole process is practically emission-free and has no excess waste.

WANROOE Aluminium Plastic Packaging Recycling Machine
WANROOE aluminum plastic packaging recycling separator specializes in the recycling and separating the aluminum powder and plastic powder from the waste aluminum plastic compound for use in further processing or sold directly.

WANROOE company is a registered waste disposal equipment specialist, which is extremely active in the field of aluminum plastic recycling machines, in order to process into aluminum powder from a variety of scrap synthetic multi-layer composite materials in an Eco-friendly, high efficient, energy-saving manner.

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There are a lot of waste aluminum-plastic composite materials in the market, but suitable way to separate aluminum from plastic is few. The traditional separation method of the chemical method has been eliminated due to its high cost, cumbersome process, pollution to the environment and harm to human beings, and now it mainly uses the method of physical separation, like using aluminum plastic separation recycling machine.

The aluminum plastic packaging recycling separation machine has a lot of advantages, like low cost, high separating rate and high working efficiency. And it is very easy to operate, just needs 4 steps, aluminum will separate from plastic quickly.

Aluminium plastic separator Manufacturer
The WANROOE’s aluminum plastic separator’s high market position has been established thanks to its ability to perform stringent quality and environmental requirements in a reliable manner, and the highly automated and monitored recycling system allows large batch processing at maximum speed.

Al plastic can be recycled from the following materials:
Composite panels
Aluminum caps
Multilayer pipes
Rolling shutters
Alu foil
Lids etc.