The procedure of using straight knife sharpening machine


Straight knife sharpening machine is aimed at the use of wood processing, paper making profession, printing profession. The characteristics of knife grinder are many. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of knife grinder.

The characteristics of knife grinding machine are very simple, the use of knife grinding machine is simple and convenient, and the grinding out of the blade in a straight line, compared with the manual sharpening makes the use of blade strength to add, add the service life of the blade and processing ability. The machine has a fuselage, worktable, slide plate, reduction electric Pole, grinding head, electrical six parts, the structure between the components is compact, beautiful and reasonable appearance placement, grinding head knife evenly smooth, suitable for all kinds of straight edge tool processing, knife grinder for us is a very good use of things, the use of knife grinder for mechanical occupation.

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The development has a driving role, in short, I hope the knife grinder to develop better and better, can drive the development of more enterprises.Therefore, now the development of society is fast, the development of knife grinder is also accelerating, the development of knife grinder can be better and better.

In the use of knife grinding machine, the first hard alloy bar stabbed into the knife grinder on the tool holder, tool spring collet, in the position of the tool holder latch is locked, then the tool slowly left grinding.

Straight knife sharpening machine video:

After flattening the tool, grind it into taper and loosen the horizontal locking handle. Roll the horizontal tool rest to turn the equipment to half of the tool cone Angle and calculate the locking degree. Adjust the tool rest azimuth bolt to the free condition that it is not inserted into the groove. Roll the tool rest evenly with the right hand to tighten the nut handle so the tool is ground into a cone shape. The cutting edge part of the grinding tool adjusts the tool rest indexing rotation to the original baseline 0 degree slot line, rotates 6 slots to the right to make the cutter open flat surface horizontal upward direction, and then adjusts the tool rest indexing plate to roll 2 slots to the right for the slot line direction so that the locking bolt condition makes the tool fixed can not roll.

At this time, the left hand uniformly rolls the long axis fine-tuning equipment, and the tool rest slowly grinds in the left direction, grinding out the left cutting edge of a pointed tool.