How to start an aluminum plastic recycling business?


Aluminum plastic recycling business is a business with growth potential, and many governments have introduced some policies to support the recycling business. Therefore, more and more people are planning to start recycling businesses, such as waste wire recycling, waste circuit board recycling, aluminum and plastic recycling, etc.  But how to start? Today, let’s take aluminum plastic recycling business as an example, let’s talk about how to start aluminum plastic recycling business.

To start an aluminum plastic recycling business, the following preparations should be made.

All kinds of aluminum and plastic composite materials

First, collect cheap raw materials (aluminum plastic film, aluminum plastic sheets, medical blister packaging, etc.). Collecting enough cheap raw materials is an important part of starting a business. Since the price of aluminum is transparent in the market, all you can control is the cost of collecting raw materials. The lower the cost of raw materials, the higher the profit you earn.

How to start an aluminum plastic recycling business

Next, choose the right machine. You can choose the right aluminum and plastic recycling machine according to your processing capacity and raw materials. For example, wanrooe’s aluminum-plastic recycling machine has a processing capacity of 200 kg/hour, 300 kg/hour, 500 kg/hour, 1000 kg/hour, etc. If you have a large demand for processing capacity, it can be customized accordingly.

Model PNAS-300 PNAS-500 PNAS-1000
Capacity(Kg/H) 200-300 400-500 600-1000
Powder(Kw) 62 98 170
Weight(Ton) 8 13 20

In addition, the aluminum-plastic recycling machine should have the advantages of environmental protection, high separation rate and low cost. Most importantly, the machine should not damage the quality of the aluminum. The quality and purity of aluminum will determine how much money you can make.

Aluminum-plastic recycling machine for aluminum-plastic separation

Third, consider how the end product (aluminum and plastic) will be processed. Usually, there are two ways to dispose of the final product. First, direct sale. Good quality, high purity aluminum and plastic can be sold directly in the market. Second, you can choose to further process the aluminum and plastics before selling them. For example, plastics can be made into wire and cable sheathing, flower pots, etc. Both of these ways of processing the final product can bring significant profits.

In addition, relevant procedures, plant sites and capital are also preparations that should be made to start the aluminum plastic recycling business.

wanrooe specializes in scrap recycling machinery for more than 20 years and has a team of highly qualified engineers. If you are interested in the aluminum plastic recycling business and have a demand for aluminum and plastic recycling machines, please contact us. We will do our best to support you.

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