Wood Recycling

Waste wood is a valuable resource available in large quantities. Based on the quality grades, waste wood can be used for material recycling or energy production. In today’s world, the importance of waste wood recycling is increasing due to the rising cost of waste material disposal and environmental concerns. Recycled waste wood is used for the production of chipboard, preparation of wood-based materials, briquette making, and as high-grade fuel in biomass-based thermal power stations.

We at WANROOETECH manufacture different models of single shaft Shredders, Twin Shaft Shredders, and Granulators varying in their capacities and processing rates, with low-speed and high-torque, for the processing of wood materials and scrap wood waste, such as MDF, Chipboard, OSB, Hardwood, Softwood, Veneers (mixed with wood), Cardboards (mixed with wood), Logs, Pallets, Bark, Solid Timber Waste and Demolition wood. Our wood shredders are effective solutions for high capacity primary processing of mixed wood for metal recovery and for size reduction of bulky woody materials. We provide equipment with low operating and maintenance costs. Our wood shredders can process a wide range of woody materials without any damage to the equipment. WANROOETECH provides both Single-shaft shredder and Dual-shaft shredders for the recycling of waste wood with high performance. Our equipment can be used for the recycling of any kind of waste wood.

Wood recycling way
If the size is 30-50mm after shredding, the volume is relatively large, large wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc., you can choose our swing arm single shaft wood shredder :

If the size is 50-300mm after shredding, you can choose our double shaft wood shredder ;

Different types of packing cases and cable drums are made using wood. The wood waste is generated after the use of these cases and drums. It is estimated that over 50 million tons of packing wood waste are generated every year in the world. WANROOETECH wood Shredders are efficient, effective, and low-cost machines for the shredding of packing wood waste.

The pallet is a flat transport structure made up of wood and used for supporting goods in a stable condition during transportation. Broken pallets can be size reduced and recycled to be used as an energy source in the power plant or in the paper mill. WANROOETECH wood Shredders are customized to provide a complete solution for the shredding of wood pallets in a reliable and economical manner.

In every construction activity wood is used in one form or other. Wood waste is considered the second-largest component of construction and demolition debris. Millions of tons of such construction wood wastes are generated in India due to various Smart City projects and also at a global level due to rising world population and housing requirements. WANROOETECH wood Shredders are available at affordable prices as a customized shredding solution for the recycling and reuse of construction wood waste.

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