Tire Recycling

The unrecycled tyre waste is a global problem. It is because of its non-biodegradability, easy flammability, leaching of toxic chemicals into ground on dumping and release of harmful fumes on incineration. The scrap tyres pose challenge in recycling and disposal due to thickness and presence of multiple materials. The tyre industry in India is growing at 12% per annum and thus waste volume is rising. India is the second largest producer of reclaimed rubber after China. In India, about 5 lakh tonnes of crumb rubber modified bitumen (CRMB) is used in road construction every year. The USA is considered as the largest producer of waste tyres, about 300 million per annum. However, China and India are rapidly contributing to waste tyre volume due to increase in new vehicles sales. At the global level, more than billion numbers of tyres become waste every year. It is estimated that about 15 million tonnes of waste tyres are generated annually at the global level. The stockpiling and dumping of such huge waste to landfill result in environmental problems and health risks. The proper recycling of waste tyres helps to reduce such problems by resource recovery and generate employment and business opportunities to the ever-rising population.

Some of the most productive and profitable applications:
Ground Rubber: It is produced by grinding the scrap tyres into small pieces of varied sizes. The most common applications include landscaping mulch, crumb rubber modified bitumen (CRMB), rubber products, sport surface and floor mats.
Tyre-Derived Fuel (TDF): It is a cleaner and an attractive alternative to coal. It is widely used in pulp and paper mills, electric utility boilers and cement kilns.
Civil Engineering: The civil industry is increasingly choosing shredded tyres as a replacement for clay or sand in road and landfill construction, septic tank making, landfill cover and other construction works.

Tire recycling way:
If you want tire chips (TDF), you can choose our double shaft tire TDF shredder, the shredding size is 50-300mm;

If you want rubber granules, you can choose our tire rubber rasper crusher machine, you can get 10-15mm rubber granules, and separate the rubber and steel wire;
If you want tire powder, you can choose our rubber mill pulverizer, the grinding fineness is 20-300mesh;

If you want a complete tire recycling plant, please tell us your tire size, we will provide you with a solution for you

The complete tire recycling process flow:

NO Process Machine Description
1 Pull the steel wire out of tire Tire Wire Drawing Machine Tire Wire Drawing Machine can pull the steel from bear inside the tire completely, then, the tyre will be easy crushed and cut.
2 Cut the tire(Optional) Tire Cutter Machine If the tire size is too large,you can use the Tire Cutter Machine to Pre cut it.
3 Shred tire into block Tire Shredder Tire shredder can be used to shred used tyre into 25mm to 152mm(1″-6″) rubber chip.
4 Break the rubber block smaller and separate the steel wire Tire Crusher Special tire scraps crushing blades, can separate the truck scraps steel wire easily.
5 Strong Magnetic Separator to remove the steel wire( first time) Magnetic Separator Separate steel wire from rubber.
6 Grind the rubber block into powder Rubber Miller Grind rubber powders to 30-120 Mesh free of steel wire and Fiber.
7 Strong Magnetic Separator to remove the steel wire( second time) Magnetic Separator Remove any remaining fine wire.
8 Separate rubber powder and fiber Fiber separating System The main application of classifier is to divide input powder into light and heavy parts under the conditions of negative pressure and sealing.

Technical Features:
1.To granulate waste tires into fine rubber powder with steel and fiber completely recycled at ambient temperature.
2.High purity of rubber powder is 99%.
3.Low energy consuming and good performance-cost ratio.
4.High autoimmunization, fewer labors requirement.
5.Unique design, high output and long service time.
6. In line have dust remover, equipment running pollution-free, meeting the environmental requirement of the government.
7.It is controlled by automatic PLC, with easy operation and high efficiency
9.Our tire shredders Use a planetary reducer, not a traditional gearbox, and the planetary gearbox has the following advantages:High Efficiency,Greater Stability,Compact Size,Higher Torque Density,Cost Effective Precision,High Radial Loads.

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