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Plastic Shredding
Plastic is a multi-purpose material. It is a widely used material today. Due to slow degradation rate, plastic waste poses a serious threat to the environment and ecosystems. The plastic waste may be comprised of PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PET, Fiberglass, Epoxy, etc. The disposal and recycling of plastic waste is required to make the environment clean and green. The WANROOETECH provides a reliable, efficient and economical solution for the recycling of plastic waste, in an environmentally friendly manner. The WANROOETECH Shredders can be used for the processing of a wide range of plastic materials.

WANROOETECH Shredders and Granulators are especially designed to provide high torque at slow speed for the efficient cutting of the plastic materials and simultaneously preventing melting of the materials at the time of processing. Our double shaft shredders can be integrated with grinders and granulators to meet the processing requirements, as per the need of the customers. Our plastic shredders are available with both Single-shaft and Dual-shaft models with the processing capacities of 1 ton/hour to 8 tons/hour. We can also provide the customized plastic shredders and granulators to suit the exact requirements of the customers.

The plastic films are thin and flexible polymeric materials used in many applications such as packaging, plastic bags, plastic labels, building construction, electrical fabrication, landscaping, photographic film, video tape, etc. About 50% of plastics in domestic waste are plastic films in the developed countries. About six million tons of plastic waste is generated in India every year, while it is about 300 million tons at global level. WANROOETECH Shredders are especially designed for the recycling of a range of plastic film wastes.

If you want plastic film flakes, you can choose our double single shaft plastic film shredder, the shredding size is 30-50mm;

If you want plastic film crushed, you can choose our plastic film crusher, crushing size 3-8mm;

If you need plastic film powder, you can choose our plastic pulverizer, the grinding fineness is 20-120mesh;

If your plastic film is dirty and wet, you can choose our plastic film washing line;

If you need plastic granules, you can choose our plastic film agglomerator pelletizer;
If your plastic film is wet, you can choose our double stage platic film pelletizer or Plastic Film Squeezing Pelletizing Machine ;

If you want to dry plastic film, you can choose our plastic film squeezing machine;

In many industrial and commercial units, drums (barrels) are generally used for the storage and transportation of liquids and powder materials. These drums are generally made up of plastics and are widely used in the packaging of food items, beverages, chemicals, medicines, petroleum products, etc. The plastic drums become a waste after the material inside is used out. WANROOETECH Shredders are efficient, effective and low-cost machines for the shredding of waste plastic drums. WANROOETECH Granulators can be integrated as per the requirements of recycling process.

The automobile sector uses light-weight plastics and plastic composites for developing light-weight and fuel-efficient passenger cars. The increasing use of plastic components has resulted in the environmental concern after the usable life period of vehicle is over. The use of plastic composites in the making of light-weight vehicles has increased to about 20% and thus related plastic waste volume is also increasing every year. WANROOETECH Shredders are tailor-made to provide a complete solution to the recycling of waste automotive plastic components and plastic composites in a very efficient and reliable manner.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is used a raw material for making of plastic bottles, carpets, containers for packaging of a wide range of food products and consumer items. In India, more than 40 manufacturing units use recycled PET as raw material. Therefore, there is a good demand for recycled PET. WANROOETECH Shredders and Granulators can be employed as an effective solution to recycle the baled PET plastic materials in an economical manner and as per the requirements of the customers.

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