Metal Recycling

The metal scrap is generated from metal-processing industry, automobile industry, electronic industry, electroplating industry, construction sector and other commercial activities. The scrap potential of metal is plentiful, particularly there is a tremendous scope for the recycling and use of iron, steel, aluminium, brass and copper. Presently, only about 30% scrap metal is recycled and thus 70% of the waste metal recycling potential is still untapped. About 30-35 million tons of scrap metal is generated in India every year and the annual growth is about 13%. This reflects that there is a huge potential in India to start the metal recycling business. The recycling of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals is centred around the use of metal shredding technology. During shredding process, the scrap metal is broken down into relatively small pieces, which are separated out magnetically. The WANROOETECH offers a wide range of robust and highly efficient metal Shredders at competitive prices. The WANROOETECH desires to contribute to the existing scrap metal recycling industry to the centre stage of the world and become a pioneer in this field.

Metal recycling industries frequently recycle metal scraps of steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminium, copper, lead and zinc. Metal turning scrap is the core activity of all metal recycling industries. It is also known as metal swarf, metal shavings, metal-chips or pieces of metal, which are debris or waste resulting from machining, product manufacturing or consumption.
Metal scraps or metal swarf or metal chips can be recycled by suitable disposal method to meet the regulatory requirements of environmental concerns about the possible contamination with cutting fluid or tramp oil. The use of WANROOETECH Shredder is the ideal way to remove these liquids, reduce size and separate the fluids from the metal. This allows in both preparation for further treatment and reclamation. It is a known fact that the metal turning is tough task and quite challenging for many shredding machines. Every shredder is not capable of meeting this challenge. The specially designed and sturdy WANROOETECH Shredders are able to overcome this challenge and meet the requirements of difficult applications.

Benefits of Metal Turning:
1.WANROOETECH Shredder helps to reduce the volume of metal turning to a minimum and thereby reduce the transportation cost by increasing the dumping volume.
2.WANROOETECH Shredder helps in getting the uniform, high density and owable chips as output.
3.It helps  reduces the turning volume up to 4x.
4.It helps to improve house-keeping by minimizing scrap handing.
5.It also helps to reduce space required for scrap storage.
6.Ultimately, it increases the value of metal scrap to the recycler.

The metal containers or cans are used for the storage and distribution of various items like foods, beverages, oils, chemicals, etc. Such containers are usually made up of tin, steel, tin-coated steel, tin-free steel or even aluminium metal. The commercial, industrial and even institutional facilities generate huge amount of scrap containers on routine basis. The proper recycling of “mixed containers” is needed to minimize their environmental impact. The WANROOETECH PNSS Two-Shaft Shredders provide world-class technology for effective and economical recycling of mixed metallic containers.

Benefits of Tin Container Recycling:
1.Reduction of turning volume up to 4-time and transportation cost.
2.Effective separation of organic contamination such as paint and pesticide contamination.
3.Value enhancement of metal scrap.
4.Minimization of environmental impact of container wastes.

In many industrial and commercial units, drums (barrels) are generally used for the storage and transportation of liquids and powder materials. These drums are generally made up of iron, copper, tin or stainless still, as per the requirements. Generally, metal drums are more preferred due to high strength and easy to transport. These drums are widely used in the packaging of chemicals, petroleum products and hazardous products , etc. However, once drums become a waste after the material inside is used out; they are not easy to handle due to their bulky volume and large space requirements for storage. Proper shredding of such waste drums can effectively reduce the volume and can help in efficient and low-cost recycling of metallic drums or barrels.

WANROOETECH has designed and developed efficient, effective and low-cost double shaft drum Shredders for the shredding of waste metal drums

Metal punching is a process of making hole in the metal work-piece during metal fabrication. A scrap slug is generated each time a punch enters the punching die. The punching and plate scrap is comprised of foundry grade material that is derived from the punching, which can be recycled and reused by utilizing suitable recycling technology. A reliable cutting unit with long service life is required to economically shred this type of metal scrap. WANROOETECH Two Shaft Shredder has proven itself well in the efficient recycling of metal punching scrap.

Radiators are heat exchangers used for the purpose of heating and cooling in automobile engines and electronic devices. The general lifespan of radiator is about 8 to 10 years, after that it is discarded as radiator scrap. The radiator scrap can be recycled to obtain valuable metals like copper, aluminium and ferrous metal. In the scrap metal industry, radiators are referred as Aluminium / Copper Radiators (ACRs). Recycling of such scrap involves crushing and classification of the metal waste. WANROOETECH provides a complete technological solution including Primary Shredder, Granulator and Separator to obtain pure Copper, pure Aluminium and Ferrous metal from the recycling of radiator Scrap.

The recycling and reuse of cable is always preferred, because both aluminium and copper are 100% recyclable without losing quality. Cables are available as dry cables, greasy underground cables and jelly filled telecommunication cables. All such cables, a good amount of either aluminium or copper is present, which can be recycled and recovered. The processing and recycling of electrical wires and cables is becoming very profitable day by day, due to increasing demand of raw materials.

WANROOETECH design and develop tailor-made wire cable shredders to suit the requirements of customers, in terms of production capacity as well as output size of the shredded material. We provide Shredders for the recycling of all types of cables with the help of our dedicated team of experts and engineers. Our equipments can be used for shredding and separation of high quality output materials. Our shredders are available with both Single-shaft wire cable shredding system and Dual-shaft wire cable shredding system as per the requirements of the customers. We also provide world-class wire cable Granulator for the further processing of the shredded scrap cables. All our equipments are robust, reliable and efficient and require low maintenance.

The Aluminium scrap can be recycled without losing quality. Thus aluminium items are very much suitable for recycling process. The recycling of aluminium scrap is also beneficial for saving energy and improving the health of the environment. If aluminium scrap is not recycled then it takes about 100 years for aluminium to break down in a landfill. For the efficient and economical recycling of aluminium scrap into high quality wrought and casting alloy, pre-shredded material is required.

WANROOETECH  provides both Primary aluminium shredders and Secondary aluminium Shredders with capacity as per the requirements of the clients. Both soft and hard aluminium scrap can be used as the input materials. Both clean and contaminated materials can be used for processing and aluminium recycling. The output material will be clean and cutting size depends on the customized design of our equipments as per the requirements of the customers. Our aluminium shredders are available in both Single-shaft shredders and Dual-shaft shredders models. Additionally, we also provide customized Granulator as per the requirements of the customers. Our all waste shredding equipments are robust, reliable, efficient, and require low maintenance. We provide world-class aluminium scrap shredders and heavy duty granulators at very reasonable and affordable price.

The WANROOETECH E-Waste Shredders and Granulators are tailor-made to suit specific customer requirements of recycling different types of e-wastes. The metals and non-metals present in the e-wastes can be separated and recycled in an efficient and economical manner with our Electronic Waste Shredding System. We provide low-speed and high torque e-waste shredders with Single-shaft and Dual-shaft, over-band magnetic separator, metal detector and separation systems especially suitable for the recycling of e-waste. The separation and recovery are critical elements of e-waste shredding process. Our electronic waste shredder provide recycled material, which is suitable for subsequent separation of precious metals from the impurities. The WANROOETECH Shredders and Granulators can be integrated to allow efficient shredding, separation and reclamation of marketable materials from the processing and recycling of e-wastes.

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