Metal Chips Recycling Machine

Full-automatic metal chip recycling machine mainly contains metal chip shredding machine, metal chip briquetting machine, metal chip shredding briquetting machine mainly used for machine tool cutting down all kinds of iron chips, aluminum chips, copper chips and other metal chips for pressure briquetting recycling, the whole production process adopts the full automation of the disposal process, can be metal chip shredding directly after the pressure briquetting molding, molding at the same time will be able to cut the cutting oil and the briquetting block separation, to ensure that the cake block of the original material is not contaminated, the cutting oil can be recycled and reused. The cutting oil can be recycled and reused. The system not only effectively reduces the waste chip footprint, but also can be melted back into the furnace to improve the resource utilisation rate, and also passes the environmental protection review.


Metal Chip Recycling Solution Background

Scrap metal shavings mainly include iron shavings, aluminium shavings, steel shavings, alloy shavings and other shavings, belonging to the waste resources, a large number of output in the machining production engineering, accounting for about 20% of the metal castings, up to 30% or so. Metal chips composition is pure, content than any ore content is much higher, generally can only be treated as waste, has great recycling value. Especially a variety of alloy casting enterprises, metal chips of self-recycling is more significant.

However, metal chips in the recycling process also brings a series of problems, such as loose metal chips occupy a large area, high transport costs; containing waste liquid metal chips are hazardous waste, polluting the environment at the same time, but also lead to environmental protection review; metal chips and mixed cutting oil are high-value recyclables, direct selling price is low, less profit; metal chips direct furnace combustion time is long, producing black smoke, and high oxidation rate, causing waste of resources. The direct burning time of metal chips in the furnace is long, producing black smoke and high oxidisation rate, resulting in waste of resources.



The metal chip recycling system is mainly used in the cast iron chips, aluminium chips, copper chips, steel chips, stainless steel chips, alloy chips and other metal chips briquettes collect oil recycling treatment, various styles of metal chips (such as silk, dough, chips) can be processed through the system to truly achieve the recovery and reuse of metal resources.

metal chips recycling application


Metal Chip Recycling Process:

The metal chip shredder and briquetter system consists of 3 integrated units, which are closely co-ordinated under PLC control, interlocking and working together precisely.
Metal chips are transported to the shredder via a conveyor belt.
The single-shaft metal shredder shreds the chips into small pieces, which are then conveyed to the metal chip oil removing machine.
Degreasing of the chip liquid.
Conveys the small-sized chips uniformly to the chip briquetting machine.
Compress the small-sized metal chips into small packages for easy transport.


Main Equipment:


Metal Shredding Machine, Metal Shredder, Metal Turning Scrap Shredder, Metal Punching Scrap Shredder, Metal Shaving Swarf Shredding metal shaving oil removing machine, metal chips oil removing machine, metal recycling machine Hydraulic Metal Chip Briquetting Machine
Metal Shredder Metal Shaving Oil Removing Machine Metal Chip Briquetting Machine

Advantages of metal chip briquetting

Significant waste volume reduction of up to 90%
Minimized storage, handling and transportation costs
Recovery of expensive coolants, oil and emulsion
Better melting behavior compared to loose chips (less burning and oxide formation)
Higher yield in the melting process with a remelter or refiner
Low residual moisture, no centrifuge required for drying
Higher density of metal briquettes compared to loose chips


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