Hazardous Waste Disposal

The engineers and professionals of WANROOETECH designed and developed waste Shredders and Granulators for safe recycling and disposal of hazardous and biomedical wastes. We provide effective, reliable and proven technology solutions for the recycling of medical and hazardous waste disposal. The processing of hazardous and biomedical wastes must be in accordance with regulatory requirements and proper safety. Our equipments for disposal of hazardous and biomedical wastes met the safety and regulatory requirements.
The hazardous and biomedical wastes include dry solid waste, aerosols, paints, sludge, household hazardous waste, metal or plastic drums, bio-waste, medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, spent ammunition, etc. WANROOETECH  can design waste shredders and granulators for your specific hazardous waste application to meet the necessary size reduction requirements. Our single shaft shredders, dual shaft shredders and granulators are robust, reliable and require lower maintenance. Our hazardous waste shredders and granulators are designed and developed keeping in mind the environmental concerns and specific application requirements. We provide energy efficient shredders and granulators for the recycling of hazardous and biomedical wastes, which are user friendly and easy to install and operate. Our biomedical wastes shredder and granulator are suitable for recycling and disposal of all kinds of hazardous and biomedical wastes.

The medical and biomedical wastes generated from hospitals include dry solid waste, bio-waste, needles, plastic containers, contaminated materials, etc. The recycling and disposal of such medical wastes have environmental concerns and regulatory requirements. The WANROOETECH  offers a range of double shaft shredders with autoclave for the disposal of hazardous medical wastes meeting the safety and regulatory requirements.

The recycling and disposal of paints, aerosols and sludges often require oxygen-free chambers to avoid fire and explosion. The WANROOETECH provides especially designed Shredders with nitrogen purging system to maintain oxygen-free environment at the time of processing and recycling of paints, aerosols and sludges to prevent fire-catching. Our engineers have developed shredders with fire detection and suppression system to meet the specific requirements of customers.

The WANROOETECH  offers a wide range of Double Shaft Shredders to effectively process and recycle various types of pharmaceutical wastes like sharps, containers, boxed-waste, pharmaceuticals and others, as per the requirements of the customers.

Different types of oil filters are used in the motor vehicles to clean the oil. The oil filters have specific life and thus require replacement. As a result, millions of oil filters are replaced in India and abroad and generating huge quantity of hazardous waste. The WANROOETECH developed double shaft Shredders, especially suitable for the processing and recycling of oil filters in the most profitable manner. After shredding, the separated metals are sold in the scrap for further recycling and use, while the separated paper waste is used to make reduced-derived fuel.

Batteries contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals and thus improper disposal results in water pollution and soil contamination. Almost all different types of batteries can be effectively recycled to a greater extent. We at WANROOETECH  provide Dual-Shaft Shredders for the recycling and disposal of different types of batteries wastes in the most reliable manner.

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