Cardboard/Paper Shredder

Cardboard/Paper Shredder can shred various books, magazines, newspapers, cardboard, paper bags, white-edged paper books, paper, cardboard, paper tubes, paper boxes, paper tubes, paper cores, paper skins, hard paper, paper mill waste, Papermill waste, paper mill waste, papermaking waste, papermaking waste, and other waste paper raw materials. The output size can be adjusted according to user requirements.
Most waste cardboard and cartons are collected and sorted at Material Recovery Facilities and compressed into bales using baler machines. The cardboard/carton bales are then transported to paper mills where they are processed into new cardboard and carton products.
WANROOETECH industrial cardboard shredder or carton shredders are available for a variety of output demands. Shredding cardboard and carton can be both profitable and environmentally friendly. Contact us today to discuss your shredding solution.

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