Scrap Rubber Tire Recycling Crusher Granulator Machine


Why recycle rubber?
Rubber is a very important raw material that can be produced both naturally and synthetically. In our daily life, lots of things are made from rubber, like footwear, protective gloves, vehicle tires, hoses, tubes, conveyor belts, matting, balloons, balls, cushions, diving gear, sealing materials and more. Reclaiming and recycling rubber has many benefits. Rubber biodegrades slowly, and discarded rubber scrap consumes landfill space quickly. Recycling rubber can keep this material out of landfills, which not only saves precious landfill space but also protects environments as well as human health. Producing rubber from reclaim requires less energy than using virgin material. It conserves non-renewable petroleum products, which are used to produce synthetic rubber. Furthermore, the reclaiming and recycling activities themselves can generate more work opportunities. Rubber recycling machines like rubber shredder can help to make the whole scrap rubber recycling process much easier.

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Rubber Granulator Machine
Recycling rubber especially recycling scrap tires can provide rubber for a variety of applications. During the whole rubber recycling process, size reduction is a very important and necessary process. Rubber shredder and rubber granulator work together to produce big scrap rubber products into the uniform cut and high quality granules. For some simple rubber products, a rubber granulator can work individually since it is more efficient directly from rubber products to small granules.


Rubber granulator in rubber recycling
For rubber processing, rubber granulator is specialized designed for rubber granulating process. The end product after granulation process is much smaller than that of rubber shredding process. So it is typically the third station in the tire recycling line. After the tire granulating process, the end product normally is fiber-free and wire-free rubber crumb. The first shredder and secondary shredder can shred tires into 20mm rubber for example. Then this granulator can grind them further into 5mm granules. Of course, the desired size can be adjustable because screens with different hole size available to ensure a more flexible production. The adjustable knives optimize the cutting function. Also, the exchangeable wear parts give a tough machine.

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While there is a multitude of similarly designed granulators in the market, it is quite important to look for the right machine which is engineered especially for the type of material you want to process.

WANROOETECH has great experience in providing size reduction solutions for a broad range of materials and applications. Our rubber granulators feature their performance, durability as well as reliability. For rubber crushing, please send WANROOETECH team your own size reduction requirements, we will provide you with a high performance machine that meets your precise size and production requirements.