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Heavy Duty Scrap Agricultural Film Printed Film Granulator Crusher

PNGM series heavy duty type crusher is suitable for waste plastic films, such as agricultural films, greenhouse films, package films, plastic bags, PE waste film, PP waste film, PVC waste film, industrial film, printed film, woven bag, Jumbo bags, Raffia bags and etc.

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Plastic Film Granulator Crusher Application Areas:
PNGM series heavy duty type film granulator crusher is suitable for PVA、BOPP 、LDPE、PET、PA、CPP、PP、PE plastic film, shopping bags, garment bags, food bag/wrap, bubble wrap, pallet wrap, shrink wrap, paper towel, and toilet paper overwrap, airparks (from shipped packages), agricultural covering film, Printed film, Industrial film, etc.

Plastic Film Granulator Crusher Description:
The heavy-duty plastic film granulator of the PNGM series offers a wide array of different rotor designs with widths ranging from 500 mm to 1200 mm with a diameter of 350 to 700 mm respectively. The completely welded heavy steel construction is designed to withstand the most demanding and universal applications. Rotor bearings, knife mounts, and rotor shaft are oversized. The standard V-cut creates a high-quality regrind with a very low percentage of fines in the output material. The removable third stator blade is acting as a deflector wedge and allows the machine to be quickly adjusted to different application scenarios. Other standard features include easily replaceable wear plates in the cutting chamber as well as outboard bearings reducing the risk of contamination.

The wide range of rotors and hopper styles allow the PNGM series film granulator machines to be tailored to almost every application in the plastic recycling field. The PNGM series film granulator/crusher is mainly used as central granulators for in-house recycling applications to process thick-walled parts in one step or as a second step granulator after a shredder to reach higher throughput rates. When used to grind light materials, such as bottles the throughput can be greatly increased with the addition of a Wanrooe force feeding device. For abrasive, contaminated or highly filled materials the machines can be equipped with special wear protection, such as hard facing the rotor and housing and key parts manufactured from highly wear-resistant steels.

Plastic Film Granulator Crusher Advantages:
1. Knives are adjusted outside of the machine.
2. Especially developed deflector wedge.
3. Wide choice of rotors.
4. Well thought out housing design.
5. Strong Welded Steel construction- Oversized outboard bearings.film granulator, film crusher, heavy duty crusher, plastic crushing machine, plastic film granulator

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Model Rotary
PNGM-35/60 2×2 3×2 600×360 22-30
PNGM-42/08 2×2 3×2 800×420 30-45
PNGM-42/10 2×2 3×2 1000×420 37-55
PNGM-63/10 2×2 5×2 1000×630 55-110
PNGM-63/12 2×2 5×2 1200×630 75-132
PNGM-70/10 2×2 7×2 1000×700 75-132
PNGM-70/12 2×2 7×2 1000×700 90-160


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