Scrap PCB Electronic Component Dismantling Machine


Scrap PCB Electronic Component Dismantling Machine  Description:
Automatic PCB / electronic component dismantling machine is used for dismantling electronic components from a waste circuit board. The eliminated electronic waste, electronic circuit board and other electronic components in society containing a large number of precious metal. The equipment is made by mechanical crushing and physical separation technology. All the ferrous metals and precious metals can be separated effectively and cleanly, and high value metals such as copper, aluminum, tin, gold, silver and platinum can be obtained. The work of breakage and separation section is greatly reduced, and the re-utilization rate of precious metals is improved. It is an internationally recognized production device of environmental protection and high efficiency.

Application domain:
Recycling of electronic waste

Applicable material:
It is suitable for all kinds of electronic waste and PCB, such as mobile boards, TV panels, computer boards, washing machines, old fridge panels, FPC flexible circuit boards, etc. It is mainly used in PCB Recycling Plant

Working principle:

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Using the nature gas as the heat, the tin will be loose when temperature is up to 200-3000C. When the roller works, electronic components will be separated because of the scraping function between PCB. So we can dismantle electronic components from PCB motherboard. If users want to classify them clearly, then you can equipped it with electronic components screen and magnetic machine.

Operation method:
Check weather the electricity has been installed.
Open the lid of the inner cylinder, put electronic components into it, the amount should be eighty percent of the volume of the cylinder, then close lid.
Adjust temperature controller to 130℃(The maximum can be adjusted to 200℃, users should adjust the temperature according to the electronic component).
Switch on the machine(Rotating switch, normally open switch, vibration switch).
After working for about 15-25 minutes, observe whether the electronic components are falling down or not. When they are almost finished, adjust temperature controller to 0℃, but let the machine work 5 minutes more instead of switching off it.
After 5 minutes, turn off the rotating switch, open the outer and inner cylinder cover, keep the inner cover opening, then close the outer cover. When the rotating switch is turned on, the board will drop out automatically.
Check whether the PCB after dismantling is removed totally, is there any electronic component or tin that has not been removed. If no, please increase the temperature when the second dismantling and the time should be longer.

PCB / electronic component dismantling machine feature:
The equipment adopts a new process of advanced mechanical crushing and high voltage electrostatic separation. Separating of metals and nonmetals after comminution and dissociation, the purity is high.
The key technology is to combine the special comminuted and dissociated equipment of all kinds of waste PCB. High energy saving effect is achieved in the process of production, and high metal separation rate is realized.
The equipment has a good comprehensive performance and has a unique effect on electronic components, computer boards of capacitive devices, computer boards, TV boards, and other circuit control boards.
This is the upgrade product of PCB recovery equipment, can be directly used for sorting of electronic components circuit board. It is the most ideal tool for the recycling of waste electric road plates and waste metal wire.
High automation program, use less labor, pollution-free, no noise.