Scrap Metal Baler For Metal Recycling


Scrap metal balers are devices that compress scrap metal into blocks or bars. They are mainly used for scrap metal recycling, which can improve the utilization rate of scrap metal and reduce transportation costs.


Metal balers are professional equipment for extruding various metal scrap, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, and scrap copper into qualified furnace materials of various shapes, such as rectangular, cylindrical, and octagonal, to reduce transportation and forging costs.

Scrap Metal Baler For Metal Recycling

The main function of metal balers is to compress various metal raw materials into shape for storage, transportation, and recycling. The working principle is to use hydraulic transmission, through the working pressure of the oil cylinder, to compress the packing material into shape. According to different models, metal balers can adopt manual or PLC automatic control operation mode.


The common types of scrap metal balers are as follows:


Hydraulic balers: Hydraulic balers use a hydraulic system to provide pressure. These balers are characterized by high pressure, fast speed, and high efficiency.

Mechanical balers: Mechanical balers use a mechanical system to provide pressure. These balers are characterized by simple structure, easy operation, and low cost.


Pneumatic balers: Pneumatic balers use a pneumatic system to provide pressure. These balers are characterized by safety, reliability, and low noise.



The selection of scrap metal balers needs to be based on the type, shape, and quantity of scrap metal. For scrap metal with a high hardness, a hydraulic baler with a high pressure should be selected; for scrap metal with an irregular shape, a mechanical baler with strong adaptability should be selected; for scrap metal with a large quantity, a hydraulic baler with high efficiency should be selected.


The following are the precautions for using scrap metal balers:

Before using a scrap metal baler, check the baler to make sure it is working properly.

When using a scrap metal baler, pay attention to safety operations.

After using a scrap metal baler, clean the baler immediately.


Scrap metal balers are important equipment for scrap metal recycling. With the continuous development of the scrap metal recycling industry, the application of scrap metal balers will become more extensive.


In addition to those listed above, there are more areas that need attention, such as timely replacement of filters, seals, O-rings, lubricants, etc. At Wanrooe, there are user manuals in English with detailed instructions on machine operation, safety, maintenance and troubleshooting. Our knowledge base of balers explains many technical issues of frequent interest to our customers. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have and provide any assistance you may need. Contact us today, or you can reach us through our online service.