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Rubber Gloves Hose Bicycle Car Tire Crusher Granulator Machine

Rubber Tire Crusher Granulator Machine is suitable for the material which has big shape, high-strength, and massive capacity. For example rubber products,tire products,waste shoe solos, rubber product scraps, bicycle inner and outer tires, water proof membranes, rubber runways, rubber floors, rubber seals, artfical turf and etc.

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Application Areas:
Rubber Tire Crusher Granulator Machine is suitable for material which has big shape, high strength, and massive capacity. For example rubber products, tire products, waste shoe solos, rubber product scraps, bicycle inner and outer tires, waterproof membranes, rubber runways, rubber floors, rubber seals, artificial turf and etc.

Plastic crusher is specialized in crushing various kinds of plastic materials into different size of granules(3-8mm). Crushed plastics can be recycled for reproduction of plastic products. This machine can help reduce the volume of plastic waste, greatly save costs and resources.
Wanrooe crusher machine is designed as tangential feeding so that feeding and swallowing more outstanding. At the same time, the feed port has a plastic cover curtain. Avoid the problem of material jumping easily by the ordinary crusher machine.
This Model crusher uses claw blade, the material of rotating blade holder is high-grade steel material, uneasy to abrade or break, making this waste plastic crusher durable and anti-corrosion cracking.

Rubber Products Strong Crusher Machine Blade:
Plastic Crusher Granulator Grinder Blades

Structure Diagram:

strong plastic crusher structure diagram



Feeder Hopper Design Durable Cutter
Feeder Hopper Design
Feeding hopper with double-layered on 4 sides and the inner layer is made of stainless steel with insulation material in between to provide good noise handling.
Durable Cutter
Blades are made of high-strength alloy tool steel, with high hardness, good abrasion resistance, and long durability.
Adopted hexagon socket screw installation way of the blades and strong wear resistance.
Material: CR12MOV, hardness in 57-59°
motor Spindle Cooling Device
Equipped with electrical current relay, motor overload protector and other multiple safety devices.
Spindle Cooling Device
Unique cooling water circulation system,the heat generated by the machine to theoutside, can effectively avoid the crushingmaterial caking.
Emergency Stop Switch Customized Screen Mesh
Emergency Stop Switch
The red switch on the operation panel ofthe machine is mainly used as an emer-gency stop when the equipment fails.
Customized Screen Mesh
Customized mesh sizes are available ac-cording to client’s demand.
Storage Bin Electric Component
Storage Bin
The extended drawer can accommodate more materials and comes with universal wheels for easier movement.
Electric Component
The electrical components adopt international famous brands, with high configuration and stable operation.
Storage Silo Belt Conveyor
Storage Silo(optional)
Feeding and receiving, good sealing performance, admixture hopper set dust inlet, effective control of dust.
Belt Conveyor(optional)
The plastic waste is conveyed into the crusher through the belt feeding device; The device adopts ABB/Schneider frequency converter for frequency control. The conveying speed of the belt feeding device is linked with the fullness of the crusher, and the speed of the conveyor belt is automatically adjusted according to the current of the crusher.

Technical Features:
1.This Series crusher machine adopts imported high-quality tool steel, special cutting-tool. The installation of the cutting tool can be adjusted. The cutting tool can be sharpened again and again, Its use life is very long.
2.The moving cutting knife stand is a step designing to make cutting force resolve and increase the cutting force times.
3.The cutting tool adopts imported SKD11 material and is treated with special technology, which is more durable.
4.The shaft is made of high level steel.
5.Claw knife structure design, stronger crushing force.
6.Feed hopper of crusher uses optimization design and special rust-proof treatment, avoiding the materials leakage and pollution during the process of crushing.
7.The product design is scientific and reasonable and conforms to European CE standard.
8.The unique cooling water circulation system will bring the heat produced by the machine to the outside of the machine, which can effectively avoid comminution agglomeration.

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