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PVC UPVC Profile Extrusion Machine

PVC /UPVC Profile Extrusion Line can produce all kinds of profiles, for example, window, door and door frame, PVC ceiling panels, pallet, cladding of outdoor wall, facility of outside park, floor, etc.

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Application Areas:

PVC profile extruders have a wide range of applications in multiple fields. Firstly, in the field of construction, products manufactured by PVC profile extruders are often used to make doors, windows, guardrails, rainwater pipes, etc., providing a diverse range of material choices for the construction industry. Secondly, in the automotive industry, PVC profiles manufactured by extruders are used to make interior parts, body panels, etc., meeting the demand for lightweight and durable materials in the automotive manufacturing industry. In addition, in the field of electronics, products such as wires, cables, and electronic equipment casings manufactured by PVC profile extruders provide necessary guarantees for the normal operation of electronic equipment. In the medical field, PVC profiles such as medical devices and infusion tubes manufactured by extruders provide important support for the safety and hygiene of the medical industry.


This PVC  Profile production line is my company to absorb the international technology, adopt efficient conical twin screw extruder, vacuum calibrating process, used to produce PVC doors and Windows profiles, window sill board, wall hangs Taiwan, decorative plate profile extrusion.

PVC plastic profile production line mainly PVC, UPVC as raw materials, production of various kinds of plastic doors and Windows profiles (plastic profiles, decorative profiles, etc. For different sectional surfaces and molds, twin parallel(conical)screws extruder of different specifications can be chosen together with the corresponding vacuum calibrating table,haul-off unit, cutting unit, tilter, etc. The capacity of the mainframe can be optionally chosen from 60-700kgs/hour. The haul-off unit has applied the unique lift technique of our co. Its work is stable, its reliability is good, its pulling force is large. Vacuum setting has applied special energy vortex cooling system which is good for cooling and calibrating so as to meet the demand of high speed extruding. Movement speed and drawing speed of cutting machines keep synchronous. All movements are controlled by imported PLC,the design is reasonable,the operation is stable. It can conduct automatic cutting with a fixed length.

PVC plastic profile production line can produce push-pull series, 60 (60 second rail frame, 60 in the open, in the ’60s, 60 six windows, 60 single pressure, etc.), the 80 series (80, 80 bright pretty, 80 lightbox stand, 80), 88 series, and their respective by the series of PVC – U profiles; PVC plastic profile production line is suitable for production of push-pull window, Windows and Casement Windows, fixed Windows, etc. PVC Windows and doors profiles do not erode by any acid drugs, don’t affect by waste gas and salt. Imported evolutionary agent, add UV absorber materials, in – between 30 to 70 degrees of the scorching sun, rain, dry and wet change does not change color, not aging, not brittle. Doors and Windows designed with the waterproof board, drain slots, rainwater can be completely insulated from outside, and window of model steel door is absolutely fine material, fire combustion, combustion, is your ideal choice.


PLC control system is available.

All electrical components adopt famous brand: OMRON, ABB, SIEMENS, etc.

Overcurrent protective of motor.

With online protection film wrapping device.

Product Details:

PVC profile extrusion line,PVC profile production line,PVC profile machine,PVC profile extrusion machine


PVC profile extrusion line,PVC profile production line,PVC profile machine,PVC profile extrusion machine

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Model Max width Extruder model Max output(kg/h)  motor power(kw)
CMDX 108 108 SJZ51/105 100 18.5
CMDX 180 180 SJZ51/105 or SJZ55/110 100/150 18.5/22
CMDX 240 240 SJZ65/132 250 37
CMDX 300 300 SJZ65/132 250 37
CMDX 400 400 SJZ80/156 350 55
CMDX 500 500 SJZ80/156 350 55
CMDX 600 600 SJZ80/156 400 75