• Mould of PVC pipe extrusion line,Mould of PVC Profile Machine

PVC Mould of PVC Pipe Profile Production Line

The PVC mould applied for manufacture of caliber PVC, UPVC supply and drain pipes.

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PVC mould applied for manufacture of caliber PVC, UPVC supply and drain pipes.


Mold is made of high-quality alloy steel, the quenched and tempered treatment, flow surface polishing chromium plating processing.Sizing material for copper alloy;Range of pipe:: 20,32,40,50,63,75,90,110,125,150,200,225,250,315,400.etc. Have Basic mould, mouth mould, core mould, have mould turn over car.

Competitive Advantage:

1. The plastic pipe production line is mainly used in the manufacture of the plastic PVC pipes with tube diameters and wall thickness, which are used for water supply and drainage in the field of agriculture and construction.

2. This line is composed of the conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum calibration table, haul-off, cutter, stacker, etc.

3. The extruder and the haul-off adopt the quality AC frequency conversion control device.

4. The vacuum pump and motor adopt the famous brand.

5. The haul-off has two-claw, three-claw, four-claw, six-claw.

6. It may choose the saw blade cutting type or the planet cutting production efficiency.

7. Our company may equipped the special device for the manufacture of the inner wall spiral coil and core layer blister according to the client’s requirement.

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