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PPR Pipe Mould


The PPR pipe mould could be used for PPR pipe extrusion.

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The PPR pipe mould could be used for PPR pipe extrusion.


Mold is made of high-quality steel, the quenched and tempered treatment; Flow surface polishing treatment; Sizing material for copper alloy.

Mould adopts advanced long helical structure, material plasticizing effect is good, low materials extrusion pressure, pressure fluctuations.


PPR pipe extrusion mould (spiral mould) spiral mould features: speed of melt flow meets the expected mechanics uniformity, hot uniformity.

1.The spirochete can be used for layer, middle, outer pipe production use, also can be used for various pressure levels of pipes;

2.Low pressure consumption and high output;

3.Without mandrel stents, which will make fluxion in production disappear;

4.Structure is compact, connection is reasonable and easy to change;

5.High quality steel mold manufacturing;

6.There is the device of internal heating constant temperature when the pipe diameter is above 200mm (internal heater and die machine) .

7.Flow channel is chrome plated and polished, which let users get the best outer pipe.

8.Equipped with mould moving car, electric 90 °turn, which could replace mould specification more convenient and quick. At present in China’s pipe market, plastic pipe is developing steadily, PE pipe, PPR pipe, UPVC pipes all occupy a place, PE pipe is developing the most remarkable.

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