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Single Stage PP PE HDPE BOPP Plastic Film Compactor Pelletizing Machine

plastic film granulator, mainly for PP/PE film, PP/PE plastic bag, PE agricultural film plastic film greenhouse film, PP woven bag cement bag tons bag, PP non-woven fabric, PP/PE crushed material for granulation The plastic particles made by the equipment are beautiful in appearance, full, uniform, and without pores. It is suitable for the recycling and recycling of various waste plastics. It is ideal equipment for recycling and granulating equipment for waste plastics.

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This water-cooling single screw plastic pellet making machine is a stage plastic regenerative pelletizer, which is suitable for many kinds plastic waste materials recycling and making pellet, such as PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Film and etc. The film can be pressed in the compressor and then be pelletized.
PP HDPE LDPE LLDPE Plastic Film Double Stage Compactor-Pelletizing Machine
Process flow: 
Conveying feeding→ Metal detector →Film Agglomerator /Compactor →Degassing single screw extruder →Hydraulic filer exchanger→ Mould head →water ring cutting →Dewatering machine→ Air dryer Blowing system→ Storage hoper→ Finished product packing.

Detailed description of each items:  
1.Conveyor: convey PP PE film or flakes into compactor.
2.PE film Agglomerator /Compactor: crushing and compress film, and feed compressed film into extruder forced, to make the production capacity high and stable.
3.Extruding system: plasticizing material and exhausting gas.
4.High speed Net exchanging system and Die-head: filter material impurity, to make production more stable.
5.Water ring pelletizing machine: cutting pellets in water.
6.Water tank: cooling pellets.
7.Dewater machine: make pellets dry.
8.Vibration sieve: remove bad pellet and keep good pellet.
9.Air Blower: convey good pellets into silo.
10: Storage silo: keep pellet.

Single Stage Woven Bag Pelletizing Machine
1. Allow free assembling of the screw component, based on raw material type.
2. Using the suitable die head for palletizing, such as water ring cutting, under-water cutting and hot face cutting.
3. High efficient force feeder ensures stable high capacity material feeding, low power consumption.
4. Main screw has vacuum exhaustion.
5. Water ring granulator machine, attached with dryer.
6. Single screw extruder,with specially designed screw, barrel, venting system, ensure the good quality of the final products.
7. Pelletizing style: standard cutting with extrusion mould. Even cutting ensures with good shape.

Single Stage Non-Woven Melt Blowing Compactor-Pelletizing Machine

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Model Screw Dia(mm) L/D Capacity(kg/h)
PNHS-85 85 25-36 120-180
PNHS-100 100 25-36 200-250
PNHS-120 120 25-33 400-500
PNHS-160 160 25-33 450-700
PNHS-180 180 25-33 500-1000


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