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Plastic is a well-known component that is used by almost everyone, but most consumers don’t know the much about its origin or the full impact it has on our environment. Many consumers are happy to have plastics because they are convenient for many uses such as food wrapping, liquid storage, packaging, toys, and consumer electronics.

But when the use of the plastic item is over, it’s often just thrown into the pile of garbage to be disposed or processed. The processing of the original components into consumer plastics and the recycling processes of plastics is not understood by most consumers.

However, there are responsible and innovative industrial companies recycle discarded plastic into a reusable form such as plastic granules, pellets, plastic flakes, or powder.


PET Bottle Recycling

Most consumers are aware that plastics are not biodegradable, and that there are great economic and environmental incentives to recycle consumer plastics. This can only be achieved in a profitable manner with high volumes of consumer plastics and a properly designed plastic shredder system.

For initial processing of large plastic items, industrial plastic shredders with low speed, high torque shear blades are used. Finer processing or processing of lighter plastic materials are accomplished with high-speed grinders. The shredder knives in each machine manufactured from high alloy steel that has been overlaid with hard face weld material, or heat-treated to achieve the higher hardness and wear characteristics. Industrial plastic shredders have a different number of hooks and blade thickness for the different types of plastic to be shredded.

There are various cutting chambers with different powered motors with counter-rotating shafts turning at different speeds to perform effective cutting actions.

Besides shredding plastics, other types of materials can also be shredded such as tire, vinyl, PVC, glass, wood, steel, aluminum, carpet, and textiles.

A plastic shredder feeds initial scrap transformed into uniform strips before passing them on to high-speed grinders via conveyor belts to be reduced to crumbs, pellets, chips, powdered particles, and beads.

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The right plastic shredder is essential in shredding the different types of plastic which could come in different thickness and forms. Besides using plastic shredders to recycle plastic components, there is a need to use a grinder or a granulator that can reduce the particle size to a more desirable size. The recommend shredder for these types of systems are the twin-shaft plastic shredders series from WANROOETECH Reduction Solutions.

Every system that is utilized with plastic shredders has a specific role and function. Each system has been designed to be effective in its task through a programmable PLC. Hence, the product flow is well managed with a good system monitoring executed.

There are many plastic shredder models which will work efficiently in conjunction with the other complementary shredding solutions depending on several factors such as plastic thickness and quantity.

Shredders and Recycled Products

It is now possible to recycle plastic of all kinds, size, and shapes to another useful form with the plastic shredders that come with progressive technology. Plastic components today can be recycled easily using the progressive plastic shredders for consumers as well as for further manufacturing processes.

Plastic is found in many components that contain HDPE, PVC, LDPE and PET compounds. The world is being infiltrated with more forms of plastic today than the last decade. Plastic is available in all sorts of forms, shapes, sizes in bottles, containers, scraps, trays, and purgings.

The only solution to plastic is to recycle it as it is a non-biodegradable product. This is where plastic shredders come onto the scene.

Plastic shredders are capable of crushing and recycling small PET bottles, vinyl, PVC, long strips and many other types of components besides plastic containers. When these components are reduced to manageable sizes, these materials can be reused in other manufacturing processes. This becomes part of the progressive reclamation process with recycling.

Today, almost all plastic scraps, products or components can be turned into another form of the valuable commodity using plastic shredders.


Plastic shredders are gaining momentum in the manufacturing industry as their advantages produce the desired results at an economical cost. Plastic shredders are found to be versatile as they can come with dual hex shafts, easy reconfigured knife designs and easily installed bed screens for the desired output.

Quality industrial plastic shredders keep improving in their designs and functions to satisfy the growing needs and demands of recyclers, extruders and plastic processors; hence, better results are produced with regards to plastics and other components that can be worked on by plastic shredders.

There are many forms and sizes of plastic shredders; hand-fed small plastic shredders for small operations to totally engineered plastic shredders for the complete works of shredding. There are customized plastic shredders which can be ordered for specific shredding needs depending on the application. Heavier plastic shredders systems can handle plastic components all the way to a few hundred pounds.

Plastic shredders need not be expensive if the right machine is chosen for the right task. The right output would give the right returns which would lower the cost to make the plastic shredders affordable and economical.

For the best outcome in your plastic shredding systems, choose a professionally designed system from WANROOETECH Reduction Solutions.

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