Plastic Separation Machine For Plastic Aluminum Packaging Recycling


Description of aluminum plastic separation machine
Aluminum-plastic pill plate is the waste, residual packaging, and trimmings produced by pharmaceutical plants or medical institutions, and there are single-sided aluminum pill plate and double-sided aluminum pill plates. Single-sided aluminum-plastic pill plate aluminum content is generally 10-12%, double-sided aluminum content is higher. Plastic is generally made of PVC, but also PP material. An aluminum and plastic pill plate separator is a set of processes to break down these scraps into aluminum and plastic. Aluminum can be made into aerated aluminum powder paste, pyrotechnic powder, etc., and plastic can be processed into sheets and made into PVC other materials.

Due to the high degree of automation of the whole process, saving time and labor, the whole process mainly uses electricity, no chemical potion, no heating, no impact on the environment, this separation method is being promoted and popularized. The quality and color of the sorted plastic will not change after the purification process, and the plastic is in the form of fine particles, which can be processed directly to manufacture plastic products. The loss of aluminum is very low, more than 99.9% of aluminum is extracted, the activity of aluminum is not affected, and the aluminum particles can be directly processed for industrial aluminum powder such as aerated aluminum powder paste and aluminum powder for fireworks.

Composition of aluminum plastic separation machine
Aluminum plastic separation machine is composed of a feeding conveyor, crusher, water-cooled mill, high-pressure electrostatic sorter and dust removal equipment.

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Environmental protection type aluminum plastic separation machine, separation equipment, separator scope of application.
Environmental protection type aluminum-plastic separator, separation equipment, the separator can separate all kinds, conductor substances and non-conductor substances, metal and non-metal separation, mainly used for waste printed circuit boards (copper and PCB), a variety of drug plates, aluminum-plastic plates, food packaging bags, milk bags, toothpaste skin, Wahaha bottle caps, aluminum-plastic tubes, aluminum-platinum paper, metal beneficiation, etc., the separation effect is very obvious. Like the city, every year to eliminate a large number of waste, with aluminum-plastic separation equipment can make these wastes into treasure, no secondary pollution, the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving separation method of production, the investment recovery effect is remarkable.

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Aluminum plastic separation machine, separation equipment, separator features.
1: Waste aluminum and plastic recycling equipment (aluminum-plastic separator) can completely separate aluminum and plastic, and achieve comprehensive utilization purposes, with high economic benefits. And no dust and no secondary pollution.
2: Equipment with multi-combined structure, a feeding, multi-machine to complete, with automatic conveying, sound insulation technology, cooling system, etc., to achieve the separation of metal and plastic recycling work.
3: Waste aluminum and plastic recycling equipment have the characteristics of low noise, high output, innovation and so on. Aluminum-plastic separation machine recycling aluminum-plastic panels and other aluminum-plastic waste of aluminum can maintain the original quality of aluminum, but also to recover plastic and other advantages, can produce greater economic benefits.
4: Aluminum-plastic recycling equipment (aluminum-plastic separator/aluminum-plastic separation equipment) adopts high-pressure electrostatic separation technology, its metal recovery rate is higher, the metal recovery rate of more than 98%.
5: The equipment also adopts our self-developed three-in-one dust removal device, which has three levels of dust removal: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and air purifier dust removal, effectively solving the problem of dust pollution.

Aluminum plastic separation machine, separation equipment, separator working principle
Aluminum-plastic composite materials have PVC materials, coupled with a unique two to four-cavity structure, the inner and outer layers of aluminum alloy laminate, with insulation, heating separation method is the use of this feature to deal with, but at the same time there is soot and odor and other harmful substances generated, not ideal; and some use of potion separation is more environmentally friendly. The special crusher to crush aluminum and plastic materials to 1.5mm particle size or less, due to the difference between the softening value of the two materials, such mixed particles are very suitable for high-pressure electric separator, coupled with dust removal devices, no dust and high separation purity. The advantage of this production line is that the separated aluminum and plastic particles can be directly sold in the market, which cannot be achieved by other methods.

Aluminum-plastic separator, separation equipment, separator features
1, high automation procedures, simple operation, stable performance.
2, low power consumption, low noise, small footprint, no dust pollution.
3, Electrical separation efficiency of 99%, the finished product can be directly marketed.