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Plastic Pulverizer Segment Blade

Plastic pulverizer segment blade adopts vertical fixed grinding disc to crush the material. This high-speed rotating disk is suitable for LLDPE/HDPE/PP/PC, PE, PVC, ABS, EVA,PA,TPU and so on.

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Plastic Pulverizer Segment Blade Applications:
Plastic pulverizer segment blade adopts a vertical fixed grinding disc to crush the material. This high-speed rotating disk is suitable for LLDPE/HDPE/PP/PC, PE, PVC, ABS, EVA,PA, TPU and so on.

Pulverizer Segment Blade:

Plastic Pulverizer Segment Blade

Plastic Pulverizer Segment Blade Description:
Plastic pulverizer segment blade processing technology is complex. It is together used with Wanrooe PNMF series pulverizer. In general, when our clients choose PNMF 800 (biggest model) pulverizer, we suggest using segment discs. In case the disc would be broken under great working pressure.

PNMF grinding mill is the later technology to absorb German advanced technology. The PC, PET constitutes high quality, maintenance-free, efficient components, like the pulverizer blade. The pulverizers have very special designs and are being approved by our in-house quality control and testing departments after going through rigorous tests and routine check-up procedures. By plastic products professional factory practice proves that the grinding powder in processing pays a return visit to join between 20% and 30%calcium carbonate, paint products chemical-physical properties of the new indicators unchanged and the yield can reach 300 kg, so this equipment is a plastic products factory authors austerity, the best equipment to solve the waste accumulation.

Plastic Pulverizer Segment Blade Feature:
1. New mill design, high yield, strong wear resistance, life is twice as long as the regular mill.
2.High throughput capacity at low specific power consumption.
3. Full automation, automatic feeding, feeding, separation.
4. Use the new design of the special bearing, achieved high speed, at the same time using only one drive motor, to ensure the efficient collision grinding, this greatly saved mechanical operation time and the control of the project.

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