Plastic Pallet Tray

Pallet plays an important role in modern logistics system. From the moment when a product leaves its production line, it starts a close relationship with pallet because almost all the transportation, storage, handling, packaging, distribution processes involve pallet. Without pallet, numerous more time, labor and money will be wasted during these procedures. We can say that pallet is a basic instrument that links all aspects of the logistic system, making the modern logistic system an integrated, standardized and fast operating industry. Even though wood pallet is still the most widely used type, but with the growing consciousness of environmental protection, plastic pallet is gaining more popularity. And compared with traditional wood pallets, plastic pallet has longer durability, better safety grade and higher ROI in the long run. Plastic pallet recycling makes sense. Some plastic pallet recycling machines like plastic pallet shredder can help to make whole process easier.

Plastic pallet shredder in plastic pallet recycling

Plastic is a versatile and highly recyclable material, so it makes great sense of recycling waste plastic pallets. Considering the bulky volume and void space of plastic pallet, size reduction is an essential and primary process in its recycling process.

Plastic pallets after being shredded, washed, sorted and pelleting, are turned into plastic granules which becomes raw material again for making other plastic products. Moreover, Plastic pallets after shredding can be mixed up with other combustible refuse and developed into RDF serving as a fuel and used in power plant for generating electricity.

WANROOETECH shredders/granulators offers various types of rotors, knives and cutting technologies for plastic pallet shredder. Both single shaft and double shaft shredders as well as plastic granulators are all available here. If you are not sure which type of shredding machine is right for you, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to find the optimal size reduction solution for you.