Plastic Drum / Barrel

Plastic barrel include IBC barrel, plastic drum, chemical material barrel, Plastic chemical barrels, trash cans, plastic barrels, pharmaceutical plastic barrels, pesticide barrels, etc.Plastic barrel are mostly used for storage and transportation of various liquids. They are not brittle, non-rusty, lightweight, and have good oil and strong corrosion resistance. The materials of plastic buckets are mostly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), polyester and other plastic blow molding, injection molding, blistering, rotomolding, mostly used to hold chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, food, hardware electronics, mechanical and electrical industries of liquid and solid goods. However, once plastic drums become a waste after the material inside is used out, they are not easy to handle due to its bulky volume and high void space. Plastic drum shredder machine can effectively reduce the volume of waste plastic drums, greatly bringing down transportation and storage cost, and thus plays an important role in the efficient and low-cost recycling process of waste plastic drums/barrels.
Plastic drums after recycling are turned into plastic granules serving as raw material for making new plastic products. They can also be recycled into fuel. No matter how big your waste plastic drums are (normally plastic drums’ size ranges from 0.25 L to 220 L) and how much size the shredded pieces are desired to be, WANROOETECH range of plastic shredding equipment always has the right solution for your needs. We have crushing and grinding machine as well as single shaft, double shaft and even four shaft shredders. Our team would be pleased to help you choose the right plastic drum shredder model to meet your specific need.