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Tons Bag Jumbo Bag Hessian Bag Recycling Plastic Bag Shredder

plastic bag shredder is mainly used to grind, crush and recycle pp woven bag, jumbo bags, plastic bag, tons bag, jumbo bag, hessian bag, etc. The large shredding chamber and loading hopper capacity, combined with the PLC controlled horizontal ram pusher ensure optimum feeding of material to the rotor, therefore, achieving the most efficient performance. Throughputs typically range between1,500kg/h –3,000kg/h.

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Tons Bag Jumbo Bag Hessian Bag Recycling Plastic Bag Shredder Application Areas:
Plastic bag shredder is mainly used to grind, crush and recycle jumbo bags, hessian bags, bulk bags, plastic bags, big bags, woven bags, PP woven big bags, container bags, big super sacks, space bags, food bags, cement bags, waste fishing nets and etc.

operational principle:
The working principle of the ton bag giant bag coarse linen bag recycling plastic bag shredder is mainly to tear and crush materials through high-speed rotating blades. Specifically, after the motor is started, the transmission reducer drives the main shaft to rotate. The moving knife installed on the main shaft and the fixed knife installed on the frame cooperate with each other to shear and crush the material. This mechanical shear force can effectively tear large materials such as ton bags, giant bags, coarse linen bags, and recycled plastic bags into smaller pieces.

Plastic Woven Bag Plastic Films Double Roll Rotor Single Shaft Shredder

Tons Bag Jumbo Bag Hessian Bag Recycling Plastic Bag Shredder Description:
Swing arm single shaft shredder machine is newly designed especially for shredding various big solid materials, unmanageable materials, plastic containers and barrels, plastic film, plastic pipe, fiber, and paper which the normal crusher can’t handle.
The materials are pushed into the shredding chamber by hydraulic. An Independent drive system and solid structure make the running stable.
A plastic bag shredder machine is suitable for crushing high-yield large equipment, especially for crushing, tough or high-hardness materials such as thin films, plastic bottles, etc. Uniaxial tear machine The whole machine is equipped with a swing arm feeding design and a PLC automatic control system to achieve a higher yield. Depending on the type of crushing material, the series of swing arm plastic bag machines are about 1500 kg/hour to 30,000 kg/hour.

Tons Bag Jumbo Bag Hessian Bag Recycling Plastic Bag Shredder Component:

V-cutting rotor design Heat treated rotor knives
V-cutting rotor design
with staggered cutter positioning
Heat treated rotor knives
Special DC53 steel (hardened) four edges use before replacement
Twin Rotors Design Wear Resistant Tungsten surface coating
Twin Rotors Design
Twin rotors design, generating tearing and shredding effect;
Wear Resistant
Tungsten surface coating for abrasive applications
Big-volume hopper Replaceable screen at the outlet
Big-volume hopper
For efficient feeding and applicable to be connected with an in-feed conveyor
Replaceable screen at the outlet
For controlling shreds under the required size. The size of the screen hole is customizable
PLC control Dual motor design
PLC control
Making it easier for fault diagnosis and maintenance
Dual motor design
For increasing the output


Tons Bag Jumbo Bag Hessian Bag Recycling Plastic Bag Shredder Technical Features:
1. Have high efficiency and tear ability, high-shealing force, ensuring higher crushing production
2. Decelerator belt rubber damping protection transmission parts
3. Multiple uses of moving knives
4. Ding knife adjustable, keep the gap with the knife
5. Screen replacement is convenient
5. High-speed swing arm feeding system to maximize production
6. The rotor quickly inspected the door to facilitate maintenance
7. Double speed hydraulic system with air cooling device
8. Independent control electric box, Siemens PLC control
9. The whole swing arm shredder machine system complies with CE safety standards

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Model PNDS1200B48 PNDS1500B48 PNDS1800B48 PNDS2000B48
Motor Power(kw) 75 90 55+55 75+75
Hydraulic power(kw) 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5+480
Rotating diameter(mm) 480 480 480 480
Fixed knife 3PCS 3PCS 3PCS 3PCS
Rotating knife 70PCS 102PCS 132PCS 144PCS


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