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PET Fiber Clothes Polyester Filament Plastic Agglomerator Densifier Machine

PET fiber agglomerator machine is used to make the popcorn materials from the waste PET fibers. It also can be used to agglomerate the waste PET monofilament waste.

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Application areas:  
PET fiber agglomerator machine is used to make the popcorn materials from the waste PET fibers. It also can be used to agglomerate the waste PET monofilament waste.
PET Fiber agglomerator machine (plastic film granulator) is a kind of waste thermoplastic thin film, and wall thickness is less than 2 mm of products can be granulated immediately. It can be wastes or thin film of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high and low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene, other thermoplastic plastic on aggregate, also on foaming polystyrene abandoned products for granulation.

Working principle:
Putting the waste into machine pot body make the material be quickly cut by the high speed rotating turn the blade and the fixed blade shear ,then the material along the pot body wall by the knife dish centrifugal force function, at the same time, the material turning up and down by paddle and from all around to move towards to the center of the pot body. The friction of material itself and friction of pot wall and blades produce much friction heat under the high speed, making the temperature of the material rises to the half-plastic condition and connects to a small lump. Before the materials will block, advanced preparation quantitative water will all spray to the material. The cold water touches the hot materials will gasify and take out the surface heat soon, making the surface of the materials cool quickly and avoid blocking, then after the crushing effect between the rotary blade and fixed blade to cut into particles(irregular size materials). During the crushing, Also may join the appropriate color pigments according to needs.

1.The PP/PE Plastic Agglomerator is used for the fast recycling of waste films, woven bags.
2.The Machine can quickly granulate used thermoplastic film or the thermoplastic products which thickness less than 2mm.
3.It’s applicable to the agglomerating of soft polyvinyl chloride, HD/LD polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other used thermoplastic products or film.
4.The granules produced by the plastic agglomerator can be supplied to the pelletizing machine for further granulating or just fed to extruder and injection machine.
5.It is for augmentation of the bulk density of the LDPE, HDPE, PP, BOPP, PET film & bags flakes.

Special Features
The strong design of double-bearing for holding the main shaft.
High-performance blades.
Temperature control.
Water flushing automatically.
Motor power from 18.5kw to 132kw.
Processing capacity from 50kg/h to 500kg/h.
PP PE Film Bag Polyester Filament Clothes Plastic Agglomerator Machine

Model Volume
Fixed And Rotating
Blades QTY
PNAG-100 100 100 2+6 37
PNAG-200 200 150 2+6 55
PNAG-300 300 200 2+8 75
PNAG-500 500 300 4+8 90
PNAG-600 600 400 4+8 90-110
PNAG-800 800 550 4+8 132


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