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PET Fiber Agglomerator Clothes Polyester Filament Plastic Densifier Machine

PET fiber agglomerator machine is used to make the popcorn materials from the waste PET fibers. It also can be used to agglomerate the waste PET monofilament waste.

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Clothes Polyester Filament PET Fiber Agglomerator Application areas:  
PET fiber agglomerator machine is used to make popcorn materials from the waste PET fibers. It also can be used to agglomerate the waste PET monofilament waste.
Clothes Polyester Filament PET Fiber Agglomerator Description:
High-speed PET Fiber agglomerator machine is a kind of equipment to recycle waste PA (commonly known as nylon) and PET (commonly known as polyester) film, silk and cloth directly into pellets.

Clothes Polyester Filament PET Fiber Agglomerator Working principle:
After the waste material is put into the agglomerator machine pot, the material is quickly cut into pieces by the shearing action of the rotating knife blade and fixed knife blade at high speed. The shredded material or piece flows along the wall of the pot under the action of centrifugal force of the rotating knife plate, while the material is turned up and down by the action of the lower paddle, and moves from all around to the center of the pot. Due to the friction between the material itself and the friction with the pot wall and blade at high speed, a large amount of frictional heat is generated, so that the temperature of the material rises rapidly to a semi-plasticized state and sticks to each other into small pieces.

Before the material will be lumped, the pre-prepared quantitative water will be sprayed into the material, the cold water meets the hot material, quickly gasification, take away the heat of the material surface so that the surface of the material is sharply cooled to prevent lumping, and then the crushing effect between the rotating knife blade and the fixed knife blade makes it cut into particles (irregular size of granules). In the process of chopping, appropriate pigments can be added for coloring as needed. The pellets made by this agglomerator machine can be directly used by the extruder and injection molding machine, and the products with more stringent requirements can also be granulated by extrusion pelletizer first.

Clothes Polyester Filament PET Fiber Agglomerator Components:

Stainless Steel Material Arc Barrel Bottom
Stainless Steel Material
Material contact parts are used 304 stainless steel, welding fine polished smooth, easy to clean.
Arc Barrel Bottom
The arc design of the bottom of the barrel ensures no dead angle in stirring and no residue in discharging.
External Insulation of Barrel motor
External Insulation of Barrel
The barrel is covered with heat insulation layer to reduce heat loss and protect the operator’s safety.
The motor adopts Siemens, Wanan and other domestic brands of pure copper motor, with stable and reliable quality, and can be customized according to requirements.
Forced Oil Pump System Electronic Control
Forced Oil Pump System
Forced oil pump system for agglomerator bearing, which can cool bearing and also forced lubricated bearing. Except PNAG-100.
Electronic Control
The whole model adopts frequency conversion control and conforms to international standards such as CE/CSA.
Metal Detector Conveyor
Metal Detector(Optional )
Ferrous metal permanent magnetic belt or metal detector can prevent metal specials from entering the agglomerator and effectively protect the blades of the agglomerator.
Conveyor (Optional)
The plastic is conveyed to the agglomerator through the belt feeding device. The conveying speed is linked to the fullness of the agglomerator and the speed of the conveyor belt is automatically adjusted according to the current of the agglomerator.

Clothes Polyester Filament PET Fiber Agglomerator Features:
A. This machine integrates crushing, mixing, and coloring, which can be carried out in one go. This feature makes the production process more efficient. The polyester filament PET fiber raw material is first crushed, then mixed evenly, and finally colored. All steps are completed in one machine, greatly reducing production time and labor costs.
B. The compact design of the agglomeration machine results in a relatively small footprint, which is very advantageous for factories or production lines with limited space.
C. The mechanical structure is simple and easy to operate: This machine adopts a concise and clear mechanical structure, making operation and maintenance relatively easy.
D. The blade gap is adjustable and easy to change: In order to meet the processing needs of different fiber raw materials, the blade gap of this machine can be adjusted. In addition, the replacement of worn blades is also very convenient, which further improves the flexibility and service life of the equipment.
E. High production efficiency and low energy consumption: The polyester filament PET fiber granulator not only ensures product quality but also has high production efficiency. By optimizing the mechanical structure and control system, the machine has lower energy consumption during operation, which helps to reduce production costs.
F. Basically, it does not damage the molecular structure and physical properties of the raw materials: This feature ensures that the fiber raw materials can still maintain their original excellent performance after granulation treatment.

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Model PNAG-100F PNAG-300F PNAG-400F PNAG-500F
Spindle Speed(r/min) 1050 950 850 750
Output(kg/h) 150-200 300-400 400-500 600-800
Motor power(kw) 55 90 110 160
Voltage(V) 380 380 380 380
Volume(L) 100 300 400 500
Weight(kg) 1100 1900 2000 3000
Dimension(m) 1.7*0.75*1.5 2*0.85*1.6 2*0.85*1.6 2.3*0.95*1.7
Rotating Blades Qty(psc) 2 4 4 4
Fixed Blades Qty(psc) 6 8 6~8 6~8
Lubrication Method Grease lubrication Pressure lubrication Pressure lubrication Pressure lubrication


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