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PCB Printed Circuit Board Recycling Plant

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PCB Printed Circuit Board Recycling Plant Application Areas:
Computer boards
Cell phone boards
TV boards
Copper-clad laminate


PCB Printed Circuit Board Recycling Plant Description:

E-waste PCB recycling line is used to recycle all kinds of printed circuit boards, such as computer boards, cell phone boards, TV boards, copper-clad laminate, and other household appliances, and the separation of leftover material of the mixed metal and nonmetal materials.

With the PLC control system, it could make the PCB recycling machine fully automatic with stable performance, and easy to operate. And the PCB recycling line is designed with an integrated type compact structure which could save land occupy size and easy to install. Further, the on-the-spot installation, commissioning and operation training service would avoid your trouble on installation and operation. During the PCB recycling process, PCB would be firstly shredded or crushed, then sieved by a rotatory vibrating screen and separated through air separation and electrostatic separation, which could achieve the recovery rate of 99.9%.


PCB Printed Circuit Board Recycling Plant Process flow:
Waste PCB→PCB dismantling machine→double shaft shredder→crushing machine→plastic grinding machine→air separator→electrostatic separator→pulse dust collector→metal and resin powder

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1. PCB dismantling machine: Printed circuit board (PCB) dismantling machine disconnects the electronic components from the circuit board to get the electronic components, tin and the motherboard. It is mainly used as special equipment for dismantling electronic components.

2. Shredder: Waste PCB board shredded PCB scrap by double shaft shredder machine.

3. Crusher: The crusher the printed circuit board into a particle size of about 13 mm.

4. Pulverizer: The PCB scrap is grinding into powder by plastic grinding machine, so as to achieve the separation of lumpy materials into copper and plastic powder.

5. Airflow separator: Different physical reactions produced by the proportion of the material under the same airflow are separated from copper and plastic.

6. Electrostatic separator: Through the effect of static adsorption, the insulation and non -insulation are separated, and the separation of copper and plastic.

7. Pulse dust collector: The whole process is undersealed structure with an advanced pulse dust collector, which could ensure no dust fly around during the operation.


PCB Printed Circuit Board Recycling Plant Technical Features:
1、Reasonable structural layout and stable performance. The crusher adopts circulating water to control temperature, which not only reduces the operating temperature of the equipment, but also effectively reduces the generation of noise, creating better conditions for the working environment.
2、The application of PLC system makes full line control easier. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) can accurately control various parts of the equipment, ensuring that they work according to the predetermined program, thereby improving the automation level and operational efficiency of the equipment.
3、The negative pressure feeding system can effectively prevent dust from escaping. This design ensures that the dust generated during the work process is effectively collected and processed.
4、The use of feedback systems makes polishing more effective. The feedback system can monitor the working status of the equipment in real time, adjust the polishing parameters based on the feedback information, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of polishing.
5、The efficiency of air separators and pulse ash cleaning devices. The separation rate of the air separator can reach 97%, while the separation rate of the pulse ash cleaning device is as high as 99%. These two devices can accurately separate different materials in the circuit board.
6、High performance of electrostatic sorting machines. Electrostatic sorting machines can achieve higher and faster sorting speeds, while effectively separating more non-ferrous metals.
The application of magnetic separators. By using a magnetic separator, iron can be easily separated from other metals.


What’s In PCB That Could Be Recycled?
From the research for normal PCB boards, in which the percentages of the electronic components, baseboard and soldering tin are 58%, 37% and 5% separately. And for every one-ton baseboard, includes about 40% metal materials and 60% nonmetals, which contain almost all the common elements in the periodic table. By estimate, 1-ton computer circuit board, contains 0.5kg gold, 130kg copper, 10kg iron, 60kg Plumbum, 40kg tin, 36kg nickel, 40kg antimony and some other rare precious metals, like Platinum, palladium, etc.

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