Eddy Current Sorting Machine For Metal Recycling


Eddy Current Sorting Machine Application:
Non-ferrous metal eddy current sorting machine has good sorting for all kinds of non-ferrous metal fragments (such as aluminum, copper, brass and other alloy non-ferrous metals), can effectively implement automatic separation of non-metallic materials from non-ferrous metals, reduce labor, realize the recovery of non-ferrous metals, and effectively increase the added value. Is currently applied to the field of non-ferrous metal recycling and sorting economic way. It can sort a variety of particle size materials as large as aluminum cans and as small as crushed circuit board material.

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Eddy current sorting machine is widely used in the fields of plastic, glass, wood, foundry sand, garbage recycling, incineration bottom ash, electronic waste (WEEE), automotive shredding residue recycling (ASR/ELVs), dismantling and recycling of waste appliances, etc. The system is highly automated and has remote control functions as well as on-site control functions for easy integration.

Eddy Current Sorting Machine Principle:
When the solid waste stream passes through an alternating magnetic field at a certain speed, an induced eddy current is generated inside the non-ferrous metal. As the scrap steel crushing material and the magnetic field has a relative motion speed, thus the non-ferrous metal of the generated eddy current has a repulsive force thus separating the non-ferrous metal.

When the conductor passes through the magnetic field, eddy currents will be generated inside the conductor, and the eddy currents themselves will generate magnetic fields in the opposite direction of the original magnetic field, and non-ferrous metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) will leap forward in the direction of their transport due to the repulsive force of the magnetic field to achieve separation from other non-metallic materials and achieve the purpose of separation. The main differentiation criterion is the ratio value of material conductivity and density, the ratio value is higher than the ratio of low material is easier to separate.

Eddy current sorting machine non-ferrous metal sorter is especially suitable for the complex material environment, its eccentric rotor design, so that the distance between the rotor and the barrel skin with the rapid rotation of the rotor and constantly changing, so that the eddy current rotor and the outer barrel have an eccentric amount, reducing the belt due to the accumulation of magnetic metal and long-term thermal wear, can effectively avoid concentric eddy current sorter due to ferromagnetic materials into the equipment damage, reducing the equipment failure rate.

Eddy Current Sorting Machine Features:
1. using advanced design concepts at home and abroad, reasonable structural design, and can effectively use the space position, small footprint, reasonable and compact layout; beautiful and generous appearance design;
2. continuous one-time automatic separation of iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.
3. With the use of a high-performance magnet body, the degradation rate of the magnet is negligible.
4. the equipment power is small and low energy consumption, the use of economic equipment operation.
5. stable and reliable operation of equipment; conveyor system transmission speed is continuously adjustable.
6. reduce labor intensity, saving body manpower, time, improve profit margin; equipment use, repair, maintenance is simple and convenient.