Medical Waste

Medical waste is generated in large quantity every day from various medical facilities like hospitals, animal clinics, physician’s offices, blood banks, nursing houses, etc. There is also big volume of medical waste needed to be collected by authorized waste collectors for special treatment before recycling, for example, infectious waste like bandages, swabs, syringes, red bags, and surgical blades & knives; pharmaceutical waste like the expired or unused medicines… Medical waste recycling makes great sense. Medical waste recycling machines like medical waste shredder can make whole recycling much easier. To properly dispose of medical waste, it is critical to firstly sort out the different types of waste and then transfer to certain recycling facilities for treatment and recycling processes. According to statistics, about 85%% of medical waste is general waste that does not do any harm to human beings, while the rest 15% is hazardous waste. If not properly managing medical scrap, our environment will get badly polluted and subsequently bring potential danger to people who have close contact with such waste. No matter disposing of the non-hazardous medical waste or those hazardous medical waste, size reduction always comes as an initial and essential step. Hence, shredding as well as granulating equipment plays an important role in the recycling process of medical waste.
Shredding autoclave for medical waste is newly developed and produced by WANROOETECH. It is widely used in hospitals, clinics, health centers, and dentists, etc. Shredding, sterilization, and drying can be done in one autoclave, thus to avoid the second pollution. It saves space. And can greatly reduce the costs of packaging, transportation, and burying.