Industrial waste wood pallet shredder β

Wooden pallet shredder β is specially designed for processing waste wooden pallets. It adopts high-strength wear-resistant blades, which, together with a powerful power system, can quickly shred wooden pallets into small pieces or fragments. Its blades have a long service life, with automatic reversing, overload protection and automatic cleaning functions to ensure safe and convenient operation. Wooden pallet shredder β is widely used in logistics, warehousing and other industries to improve processing efficiency, reduce the impact of waste on the environment, and bring significant economic and environmental benefits for enterprises.

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Wood Pallet Shredder Machine β Application Areas

Wooden pallet recycling has shown its wide application value in many fields. In the logistics industry, recycled wooden pallets can be put back into use after treatment, reducing logistics costs and meeting environmental requirements. In the agricultural sector, recycled wooden pallets are used as containers for agricultural products, ensuring convenient transportation and storage while reducing wastage. In addition, the home decoration and cultural creative industries are also actively adopting recycled wooden pallets for reuse, such as making furniture and exhibition props, which are both environmentally friendly and show unique artistic charm. Wooden pallet recycling not only helps to effectively utilize resources, but also promotes the goals of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Working Principle Overview

Wooden pallet shredder is an efficient and environmentally friendly equipment, mainly used to shred waste solid wood pallets into small pieces for recycling and reuse. The working principle of this equipment is mainly based on the principle of mechanics, through the knife shaft on the knife on the material for impact, shear, tearing and other effects, so that the large solid wood pallets are crushed and torn into small pieces.

The specific work process

Feeding stage: the waste solid wood pallet is fed into the feeding port of the shredder.
Preliminary crushing: under the action of high-speed rotating knives, solid wood pallets are subject to strong impact and shear force, and gradually be broken into smaller pieces.
Further tearing: with the continued rotation of the knife shaft, the preliminary crushed material is further torn into smaller pieces.
Discharge stage: the fully crushed and torn material is discharged from the discharge port, completing the whole shredding process.

Design Features:


Rugged and efficient cutting system

» large 11.8″ (300 mm) diameter rotor and large screen area for high throughput

» 2-way indexable rotor knives

» knife holders are bolted down for easy replacement

» effective self-feeding

» tried, tested, and proven Wanrooe cutting system

Pusher-free design

» self-feeding design pulls pallets automatically into the cutting chamber

» no hydraulics required

» less maintenance

Trouble-free drive system

» rugged and powerful shredder drive

» gearbox shock damping system

Smart shredder control functions

» automatic detection and shut down for unshreddable items

» automatic reversing if motor overloads

» operator friendly controls

» automatic shut down when idling

Ease of maintenance

» quick and easy access to the cutting system

» easy cleaning and removal of unshreddable items

» fast rotor knife and knife holder change

Industrial wood pallet shredder β advantage

The Industrial Wooden Pallet Shredder β is an efficient and stable machine designed to handle large waste materials such as wooden pallets. The machine utilizes an advanced hinge design, which ensures stability and safety even at high speeds and under heavy-duty operating conditions. This design not only improves the reliability of the machine, but also makes it more flexible and efficient in handling large waste materials such as wooden pallets.

In addition, the industrial wood pallet shredder β is equipped with a European standard compact gearbox, which adopts international advanced technology and features small size, high torque and high transmission efficiency. The compact design not only makes the overall structure of the shredder more reasonable, but also facilitates the installation and maintenance of the equipment. The characteristic of large torque ensures that the equipment has enough crushing capacity when dealing with hard materials such as wooden pallets, which improves the adaptability of the equipment.

The main function of the industrial wood pallet shredder β is that it can quickly and effectively crush large waste materials such as wood pallets into small pieces or fragments, thus greatly reducing the volume of the material. This not only facilitates subsequent storage and transportation, but also improves the efficiency and economic benefits of resource recovery.

In order to achieve efficient crushing effect, the shredder adopts high strength, heavy duty special steel processing refined knife shaft to provide strong power for cutting. The equipped European standard compact reducer further enhances the torque of the machine, making it more capable of handling hard materials.

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Model WRPS-1300
Power 18kw
Rotor Ø 300 mm
Rotor speed at 60 Hz 60 rpm
Number of cutters 36 pcs
Feed opening 1324 x 220 mm
Weight 1000 kg
Noise level pressure LPA1m 82 dB (A)
Screen diameter 30 mm with chip breakers