Industrial Scrap Metal Drum Shredder For Sale


Metal drum shredder machine in metal recycling
WANROOETECH provides the whole system for recycling metal drums, the metal drums would be put into double shaft shredder for rough shredding first, the shredded metal strips from double shaft shredder will be transferred to hammer shredder to crush again, in the end, you’ll get dense metal, during this procedure, part of the paintings on the metal drum would be separated. The dense metal with its small size is convenient for transportation.

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why do we need to recycling metal drums?
Metal drum, which is considered to be valuable, when not recycled, will take several hundred years to break down in the dumpsite. To conserve energy, and improve the environment around, it becomes important to reuse metal drums in the most economical and efficient manner which is to break them down into small fragments, re-melt the strips, and further reuse them.

Industrial scrap metal drum shredder allows downsizing a whole metallic drum with covers and liners. When a metal drum reaches its service time, it costs a fortune to store and transport it in bulk.

Industrial Scrap Metal Drum Shredder
Luckily, WANROOETECH’s shredders (e.g. double shaft shredders and four shaft shredders) come in handy in recycling metal drums. A metal drum shredder can load a steel drum at a time, shred within 20 seconds, and produce 40mm-wide metal stripes. An optional vertical pusher can lock and feed a metal drum against the crushing chamber.

Industrial Scrap Metal Drum Shredder
A four-shaft shredder can perform the same but the final materials are slightly different. This shredder can strictly control the output size, producing 40mm by 40mm particles.

The tooth of the disk knife can grap and fix a metal drum. . The low-speed and high-torque rotors shear metal drum into pieces. This simple working principle ensures a smooth size reduction from waste to value.

Metal drum shredding video:

Recycling Applications
Other than metal drums, steel barrel shredder is also applicable to plastic drums, fiber drums, nestable plastic drums and stainless steel drums. The hazardous waste includes IBCs, oil drums, paint buckets, metal containers.

Metal drum shredding optimizes logistic processes and reduces storage fees by significantly reducing the volume of waste drums.

Features of  metal drum shredder
Low power consumption and low noise.
A shredder can integrate into a bulky waste shredding system.
High gear ratio. Low speed and high torque.
The blades are made of high manganese steel with strong durability and high resistance.