Industrial Scrap Color Steel Tile Recycling Double Shaft Shredder


Scrap color steel tile shredder is a waste metal treatment recovery device for massive lightweight tear-treated treatment, and the color steel tiles can be shred into strips, block, and realize the product effect. Regeneration utilization of resources. Color steel tile shredding machine is very suitable for various oil buckets, color steel tiles, waste bicycles, scrap iron products, waste bicycles and other large-volume materials to tear production, widely used in second-hand automotive plants, cars Maintenance factories, waste acquisition stations, bicycle, motorcycle recycling station and other industries.
Color steel tile shredder feed is not limited, and the bulk material can also be squeezed once, and the production capacity is 3-10 T / h. WANROOE Machinery Color steel tile shredder includes a feed conveyor, a shredder host, an effluent delivery, a sorting system device, a dust removal system, and an electrical control assembly.

working principle:
Scrap color steel tile shredder, using the tool between each other, shred, and extruded the basic principle, thereby processes the objects in the sillet, which are tear into the material size of the compliant size. Make the material covers a small area, easy to transport, store. The whole process is non-polluting, dust-free, green and environmentally friendly.
Scrap color steel tile shredder, mainly produced high, low energy consumption, high efficiency, uniform discharge, low noise, non-pollution, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

Equipment advantage:
1. The blade of the color steel tornatt is a meshless blade that is purified by a high alloy, which has a good torn effect on any high hardness material.
2. the device is the speed of the speed reduction motor, the price is preferentially 20% more than other metal crushers.
3. the color steel tile shredder is smooth and has no big noise, and there is a foundation, the noise is very small.
4. the equipment is strongly constructed, the dense reinforcement plate is high, ensuring a strong solid in the box.
5. the color steel tile shredder can configure the conveyor belt feeding equipment to improve production efficiency!

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