Industrial Metal Scrap Shredder For Sale


Metal Scrap Shredder is a size reduction machine that shreds large metal scraps into smaller, higher density portions that are free of rust, dust and color content. The scrap is broken into smaller pieces by specially designed hammers that strike the feed scrap with very high torque. These shredders beat, shred and shear the scrap inside the metal scrap shredder machine until it is converted to the desired size (40-100mm) that is supplied to the lower structure of the machine. The rotor is made of special alloy steel for longer life and wears resistance.

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WANROOETECH manufactures shredders for various applications. A metal scrap shredder with a magnetic separator can sort out ferrous and non-ferrous waste. For example, an aluminum shredder can process all kinds of aluminum products and reduce their size. A scrap copper shredder can turn cable, motor, wires into small pieces in minutes. Thus, there are a few key aspects worth considering before finalizing the type of shredder that best suits your needs. They are:

Budget of your recycling program
What is your scrap profile
What is the required output
What is the expected yield per ton of shredded scrap
Does your waste require pre-shredding
What is the size of your recycling plant
What is all the information you want from the equipment
What are the expected life of the equipment and its parts
How to maintain machines

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Metal Scrap Shredder Benefits
Shredded scrap from metal scrap shredders is of great importance because the amount of recovery and associated costs they incur are highly dependent on the quality of the shredded scrap. Shredding is a capital-intensive process and the goal should be to achieve the highest possible recovery rate that provides maximum revenue gain.

Therefore, after taking all these parameters into account, WANROOETECH manufactures shredders that produce the best results at the lowest possible cost. Shredded steel scrap has many advantages over other types of scrap, especially when used in an electric furnace.