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Industrial Knife Grinder Woodworking Straight Blade Knife Grinding Machine

Woodworking Straight Blade Knife Grinding Grinder Sharpener Machine is mainly used in straight blade cutting tools in different angles, suitable for all kinds of cutter tools of plywood, furniture, printing, textile industry, etc. It is also used for the oblique opening of high speed tool steel. The machine tools consist of five parts,incl the machine body, sliding plate, motor, grinding head, electrical parts. Each component has a compact structure, rational and beautiful layout, it can make sure the same height and weight and express its unique advantages, so it is ideal for plywood factory and straight blade knife manufacturers.

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Industrial Knife Grinder Woodworking Straight Blade Knife Grinding Machine Application:
1. Digital control system, touch screen.
2. The up-and-down adjustment of the grinding head adopts servo motor, which has higher precision; it is suitable for the blades requiring higher precision.
3. The track adopts the device of high precision linear guideway! It can accurately control the amount of grinding, coarse grinding, fine grinding, one-time completion, automatic grinding without human intervention, After the grinding is completed, automatically stops. It’s super convenient and fast!

Industrial Knife Grinder Woodworking Straight Blade Knife Grinding Machine Description:
Industrial knife grinder machine is to absorb the essence of the German grinding equipment and grinding equipment design and manufacture of a multipurpose high-grade grinding equipment, this machine is mainly suitable for grinding all kinds of different sizes, different point of view, large blade made of different materials, printing, paper making, plastic, leather, food, wood, plywood, and other industries of equipment required, In particular, it is the ideal sharpening equipment for high-grade paper cutting machine.

The industrial knife grinder machine body is made of double-layer high-quality iron plate welding, its advanced structure, reasonable design, good stability, after aging treatment and finishing, to ensure the accuracy of the machine. The machine bed is equipped with an electromagnetic sucker, one end is provided with a worm drive mechanism, rotating handwheel can be in the 0-90° range of arbitrary adjustment of Angle. The front side of the bed is provided with a travel switch to adjust the stroke, and the rear side is provided with a rack and gear clearance adjustment mechanism. The industrial knife grinder machine bed is equipped with a special electrical control box. The main movement of the machine tool adopts mechanical transmission, and the left and right walking adopt rack and pinion frequency conversion speed regulation. The best adjustment between the rack and pinion can be carried out according to the operation situation. The grinding head of the machine tool adopts frequency conversion automatic feed, the total feed amount can be set, and the grinding can be carried out according to the total feed amount. The main box is equipped with a lifting motor for rapid lifting. This machine tool adopts Germany’s advanced technology and is made of high-quality steel.

CNC Control System Straight Knife Grinding Machine Touch Panel CNC Control System Straight Knife Grinding Machine electromagnetic table
With touch panel, automatic tool dropping. Strong electromagnetic table.
CNC Control System Straight Knife Grinding Machine motor CNC Control System Straight Knife Grinding Machine Touch Panel (4)
The up and down adjustment of sharpening stones adopts servo motor. Precise adjustment of electromagnetic sucker angle.
CNC Control System Straight Knife Grinding Machine straight square rail CNC Control System Straight Knife Grinding Machine head motor
High precision straight square rail. CNC grinding machine special grinding head motor,high precision.
CNC Control System Straight Knife Grinding Machine Automatic lubricating pump CNC Control System Straight Knife Grinding Machine linear guideway ball screw
Automatic lubricating pump controlled by Microcomputer. High precision,high rigidity linear guideway, ball screw.

Industrial Knife Grinder Woodworking Straight Blade Knife Grinding Machine Product features:
Industrial knife grinder machine adopts CNC control, featured by convenient and fast operation, stable and reliable performance, and high degree of automation.
The high precision and high rigidity linear guide rail realizes high precision grinding in combination with the precision ball screw.
The travel speed is controlled by the imported frequency converter, so as to ensure the quality of tools of different materials and hardness.
The electromagnetic chuck has super powerful suction and the function of delayed demagnetization, featured by reliable positioning, convenient operation and high work efficiency. (During blade grinding, a special worktable configuration is generally adopted.)
The special grinding head motor is featured by adjustable axial clearance, stable transmission, high grinding volume, long service life and high precision.
It adopts the worm gear reducer rack transmission with accurate transmission ratio and high transmission efficiency. (The worm gear box does not need oiling throughout the service life.)
The microcomputer controlled automatic lubricating pump carries out quantitative lubrication at regular intervals and fixed positions for key parts such as the linear guide rail, ball screw, etc. to ensure the service life of the machine.
The automatic cleaning and automatic residue collecting device improve the internal cleanliness of the equipment, collects waste residues and purifies cooling water.
The bearings and electrical parts are all products of world first class brands, ensuring product reliability and safety.
The gantry bed is formed through low temperature welding of high quality steel sheets. It has good precision retaining ability after being subject to aging treatment and precision process.
The pneumatic control components and actuators are all world-famous products. The driven pressing plate for cylinder pressing is featured by stable pressure, even force bearing and powerful pressing force.

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Model PNMD
Table area L*W(mm) 800×180 1600×180 1800×180 1120×180×2 1370×180×2 1570×180×2 1770×180×2 2070×180×2
Grinding wheel size (mm) φ200×100×φ100
Reciprocating speed of grinding head frame (m/min) 0-20m/min(frequency control)
Total power of machine tool (KW) About 4.0kw(Grinding head motor 3kw) About 5.0kw(Grinding head motor 4kw)
Adjustable table Angle ±90°
Adjusted grinding head angle ±90°
Accuracy of grinding (mm/m) ≤0.03mm/m ≤0.05mm/m ≤0.06mm/m
Weight (kg) 1100 1600 1700 2100 2500 3000 3300 3800
Dimensions L*W*H (mm) 2400×1000