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Industrial Corrugated Paper Kraft Paper Core Paper Packaging Shredder

Industrial single shaft paper shredder is suitable for shredding waste corrugated paper, paper, hard paper, newspapers, office paper, magazines, books, cartoons, kraft paper, paper core, paper tubes, cardboard, paper packaging material, and other paper materials.

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Industrial Corrugated Paper Shredder Application Areas:
The industrial corrugated paper shredder is suitable for shredding waste corrugated paper, paper, hard paper, newspapers, office paper, magazines, books, cartoons, kraft paper, paper core, paper tubes, cardboard, corrugated box, paperboard, carton box, cardboard and corrugated, juice box, paper-based products, paper packaging material and other paper materials.

Industrial Corrugated Paper Shredder Description :
Single shaft industrial corrugated paper shredder uses the interaction of movable cutter heads and fixed knives to tear, cut and extrude the material into small sizes. It can be available for shredding a wide range of materials including plastic, wood, rubber, paper, etc. The cutter head is consists of a basic shaft and pieces of quadrangle cutter. There are four edges that are easy to change. ‘V’ shaped rotary cutters are fixed on the single shaft. The fixed cutter is mounted at an angle adjacent to the rotary cutter to achieve better cutting. The material is grabbed between ‘V’ shaped rotary cutters and fixed cutter shreds repeatedly. During the grinding process, the evenly cutting, saving of energy, and reduction of noise are ensured by the installation of ‘V’ shape rotor knives. Also, the knives are very easy to install and remove.

Cardboard shredder in cardboard recycling
Besides baling, shredding is also another way to recycle waste cardboard and cartons. Certain types of shredders can convert used cardboard and cartons into large volume soft pliable packing material which is perfect for protection and void fill for all types of goods in transit, eliminating dumpster and cardboard removal charges and the cost of expensive packing materials.

Cardboard is naturally biodegradable, for those waxed, wet, and soiled cardboard materials that are not suitable to be recycled into products. After shredding they can be composted at commercial composting operations. Moreover, cardboard shreds can also be used as animal bedding material and act as mulch for gardens and landscapes.

Single Shaft Shredder ‘V’ shaped blade:

single shaft shredder blade
Industrial Corrugated Paper Shredder Working principle:
The motor drives the shaft to make the knife rotate at high speed, the material is put between the knife shaft and fixed knife, the materials are shredder, the qualified size will discharge from the screen mesh, the oversize material will be sent back for re shredding. The final product size can be adjusted by changing the final product size.

Industrial Corrugated Paper Shredder Technical Features:
1. The industrial corrugated paper shredder with the big feeding mouth, can put the big plastic or rubber product freely.
2. The rotary and cutting blade with an edge of a special design, can get very high efficiency and high capacity.
3. The shredder single shaft for plastic is controlled by the PLC system; the blade can rotate in opposite direction and close automatically if something unexpected happens; with very high safety service.
4. The industrial corrugated paper shredder runs slowly with low noise and is less dusty.
5. The blade material with special alloy steel made, with long life.
6. All the machinery and electrical devices are protected in accordance with the European CE standard.
7. Hydraulic system Pushes the material automatically to the shredding rotor while working. More efficient and can achieve a high capacity. According to material kind, can adjust the pushing speed to avoid overload.
8. Cooler system(optional) can maintain the temperature for continuous operation.

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Model PNDS-600A PNDS-800A PNDS-1000A PNDS-1200A PNDS-1500A
Dimension L*W*H(mm) 2455×1478×1700 2825×1747×1875 2825×2004×1875 2825×2564×1875 2825×2964×1935
Cutting Chamber C/D(mm) 1200×600 1410×800 1410×1000 1410×1200 1410×1500
Main Powerkw) 15-22 30-45 37-55 55-90 75-132
Hydraulic Power(kw) 2,2 3 4 5.5 5.5
Shredding Diameter(mm) 320 400 400 400 480
Shredding Rotor Length(mm) 600 800 1000 1200 1500
Rotating&Fixing Blades QTY(psc) 32+2×2 38+2×2 58+2×2 95+2×3 110+2×3
End Plastic Scraps Size(mm) 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50


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