Industrial Commercial Hard Drive Shredder Machine


Commercial Hard Drive Shredder is easier to use and has a high efficiency compared to a hard drive crusher. An industrial shredder can physically destroy data-carrying gadgets, such as hard drives, USB, SD cards, SIM cards, circuit boards, floppy disks, CD, VCD, and DVD.

The destroyed hard drives are shredded into pieces and thus 100% not recoverable. This secure shredding fully meets the requirement of NSA degauss.

A commercial hard drive shredder is usually a one shaft shredder or two shaft shredder or four-shaft shredder. Paring with conveyors and granulators, you can form a simple crushing line. Adding a magnetic separator and eddy-current separator can effectively recover useful metals from the e-scrap.

Industrial Hard Drive Shredder Machine Application

Hard Disk Shredder Applications
For processing a large quantity of WEEE like hard drives(e.g. HDD and SSD). A hard disk shredder can process a large quantity of them within seconds, leaving No hassles for privacy leaks.

A hard drive that has been wiped clean, either by formating or using a magnet, can still contain recoverable data. Wiscon commercial hard drive shredder can quietly shred all data-sensitive medium into pieces.

Equips with a strong motor and gearbox, its capacity to shred more than 100 hard drives in an hour.

What is the cost of a Hard Disk Shredder?
For small capacity(destroying 100 units per hour), it costs $20,000 on average.

For large quantities (destroying 1000 units or more per hour), it is $50,000 and is dependable on motor power.

What Can You Do with Wanrooetech Shredder Machines?
1. Data Destruction/Onsite Hard disk shredding

If you need to shred a large number of hard disks, we shall arrange to dispatch our hard drive destroyer to your location and the job will be done in front of you. We destroy all disks along with other electronic waste within minutes while getting coarse particles.

E-waste(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Disposal
If you have an entire lot of obsolete electronics like computers, laptops and phones for disposal. Also, you want to dispose of them safely and in an environment-friendly manner, you can use our service with hard drive destroyer machine to meet this task.