Industrial Bowling Balls Shredder Machine


What are bowling balls made of?
The materials that make up the nucleus are usually heavier mixtures, such as bismuth, graphite, or lock, which can be mixed with resin or ceramic materials.
The production of the shell usually involves heating HDPE (high-density polyethylene) material to an appropriate temperature to make it plastic, and then shaping it into a spherical shape

Bowling Balls

How to dispose of old bowling balls?
Reuse and recycling should be the ideal solution to dispose of waste materials. For reuse of old bowling balls, you can donate them and use them for other usage such as lawn decorations and toys for larger animals. But can we recycle bowling balls? It depends on what exactly materials made up for bowling bottles from the inner core to the filler and the coverstock. Also, it depends on the recycling plants’ ability to break down certain materials. Many technologies go into today’s bowling balls. If there are cracked bowling balls and they are no longer for any new usage, recycling them as much as possible is the best solution. Of course, actual recycling will depend on what exactly type of plastic it is. Because if it is produced from urethane, it is cost-prohibitive to recycle. During the recycling process, bowling balls shredder will be your important size reduction solution.

WANROOETECH bowling ball shredder machines
Whatever scrap bowling balls can be recycled or go to landfill directly, size reduction is the necessary step. Shredding bowling balls and separating plastic parts are quite important for recycling. Even for landfill, it is essential to reduce the size and save space for landfill. WANROOETECH brand shredder and granulator focus on the ideal size reduction for all kinds of waste materials. For entire bowling balls, our single shaft shredder is more suitable to tear a bunch of bowling balls into small pieces. If it is the only plastic part of the coverstock, granulators are good choices to crush plastic pieces into small particles. So once you have any bowling ball size-reduction requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the WANROOETECH team for your ideal bowling ball shredder.

Bowling Ball Shredder from WANROOETECH
Bowling balls shredder is a crucial part of the bowling balls recycling step. WANROOETECH is a professional size reduction machinery brand. We offer all types of size reduction machines with a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you your bowling balls shredding requirements in detail, and recommend the most suitable bowling balls shredder which best fits your needs.