How to use the knife sharpening machine correctly


The knife sharpening machine is mainly for the needle grinding center, forestry industry, printing factory, paper and plastic, booklet printing center, medium-sized grinding room and other institutional enterprise users. It is a kind of equipment for linear sharpening of cutting blades in industries such as turning tools, drills, carving knives, engraving and milling machines, machining centers, CNC, metallurgical rolling plates, etc. knife sharpening machine can also be used for grinding general metal end surfaces.

How to use the knife sharpening machine correctly

knife sharpening machine features.

1. The design of the body of the knife sharpening machine has changed the original loose frame type structure to a steel plate closed welded structure. The strength of the body is improved, and the service life is increased and extended.

2. the transmission part to change the original belt drive for the rack drive, to overcome the weakness of uneven walking speed so that the reliability and stability of a certain guarantee.

3. Change the swing angle of 30° for the original design of swing angle of more than 90° for the grinding head, which makes it more convenient and fast to get on and off the workpiece and change the grinding wheel.

4. The automatic tool feeding design is adopted for the grinding head processing, which improves the degree of automation. It effectively saves the manpower and time needed for manual feeding and improves the labor degree of the operator.

knife sharpening machine influencing factors:

1. grinding machine installation, adjustment of the impact of knife grinding

(1) grinding machine installation should pay attention to stability, to prevent vibration, the fasteners are firmly connected, and the grinding disk rotation should be smooth, to prevent jumping and swinging. Otherwise grinding is not a sharp blade, and the appearance of jagged edges, etc.

(2) grinding knife plate should be vertical with the horizontal plane, otherwise, it will not grind sharp blades.

(3) grinding frame position should be from the disk surface for 6 mm, located in the middle of the disk radius, grinding frame position is not correct, easy to cause blade bias grinding. The length of the boom also affects, and shortens the grinding stroke, grinding not a sharp blade.

(4) For mechanical drive type knife grinding machine, should make the v-belt has a suitable tension, and ensure that the grinding disk reaches the rated speed. The low speed of the grinding disk affects the sharpening effect.

2. The influence of abrasive composition on the sharpening of knives

(1) too much emery in the abrasive; blade edge scraping up a thick layer of emery, the edge is easy to wear, but the blade is not easy to sharpen.

(2) too little emery in the abrasive; the blade is not easy to grind sharp, blade grinding time is longer, easy to anneal, deformation.